Sebastian Gomez EcoCamp Team

Sebastian Gomez, EcoCamp General Manager

Sebastian has been managing EcoCamp since 2007, enjoying the quality of Patagonian life and the peacefulness of the park: “I like being connected so closely to nature and reminded on a daily basis of what’s really important in this world. I’m proud of EcoCamp’s team work, communication and shared responsibility to protect the environment.”
René Bustamante EcoCamp Team

Rene Bustamante, EcoCamp On-site Manager

Rene joined EcoCamp in 2006 and worked for 6 years in the Puerto Natales' office before becoming EcoCamp's onsite manager. Fresh from his travels in Europe, Rene is excited to be making the transition to his new dome home in Torres del Paine! He enjoys working at EcoCamp "because of the good team work and interaction with people from all over the world". Born and bred in Patagonia he loves the region because of "the freedom found in all the outdoor activities and the long summer days with very short nights".
Fernanda Sanchez EcoCamp Team

Fernanda Sanchez, Operations Manager

A big fan of her country’s natural diversity, Fernanda recognised Chile’s tourism potential early on and studied Tourism Planning at university. Objective, hard-working and happy, she was part of the Cascada team from 2009-2012 and is very excited to have moved down to the heart of the action to head operations in EcoCamp's Puerto Natales office! Her favourite places in the world are Patagonia, the Atacama desert and Easter Island. Her favourite outdoor activity is trekking,
and she’s proud to have completed the 5 day W trek in Torres del Paine. When not trekking in far flung corners of Chile, Fernanda likes to relax watching movies or enjoying a good Chilean BBQ with her family and friends.
Evaristo Vargas EcoCamp Team

Evaristo Vargas, Head of Chauffers

An essential part of EcoCamp's operation, Evaristo has worked for the company since it opened in 2001 and has seen EcoCamp go from strength to strength. He started as a driver and worked his way up through assisting with supplies at EcoCamp until becoming the beloved head of chauffers. Evaristo's kindness and 'buena onda' means guests and staff alike enjoy being with him!
Juan Colín, EcoCamp Team

Juan Colín, Administrative Assitant

Juan started working at EcoCamp in 2008 as a waiter and moved to work in administration in EcoCamp’s office afterwards, where he’s now in charge of acquisitions and deliveries. Juan was born in Puerto Natales and despite periods living in different places in Chile, like San Pedro de Atacama, he’s at his happiest when in Patagonia, soaking up the region’s beautiful nature, fishing opportunities, and getting out into the depths of the countryside on weekends.
Lisette Núñez EcoCamp Team

Lisette Nuñez, Operations Assistant

Lisette Nuñez started working for EcoCamp in 2014, driven by a voracious wanderlust and a true passion for nature. She proudly works as the Operations Assistant of EcoCamp Patagonia, where her love for ecotourism and her sense of organization are a great asset to the company. During her free time, Lisette likes to wander in the natural wonders of Southern Chile with her friends, looking for wildlife being the animal love that she is!
Francisco Muñoz EcoCamp Team

Francisco Muñoz, Operations Assistant

Francisco joined the EcoCamp Patagonia team in January 2014, after 9 years of experience in various hotels and refuges of Torres del Paine National Park. A nature lover , Francisco left Santiago to explore the immensity of Patagonia. He has been hiking in the national park more than once, and his knowledge of the area is a great benefit for the company. Francisco likes to hike and camp during his free time, without forgetting to bring some good music and his dogs whenever possible!