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Christian Van Aken EcoCamp Team

Christian Van Aken, Operations Manager EcoCamp Patagonia

The most recent addition to the EcoCamp team, Christian grew up in Punta Arenas before moving to La Serena in the north. But now he’s back, and thrilled to be working at EcoCamp as it allows him to spend his time out in nature, as well as working with a team that’s as hardworking and dedicated as the one at EcoCamp. An avid mountain biker, Christian has one message for people wondering if a trip to Patagonia and EcoCamp is the right idea: “just come.” Can’t argue with that!


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Nicole Soto Díaz, Hospitality Manager  

Nicole was born and raised in San Antonio, Chile but quickly traveled to some of the country’s most beautiful places to work in hospitality. She reached Torres del Paine National Park after providing service excellence to travelers in Easter Island and Santiago de Chile. EcoCamp is now delighted to have Nicole in the team and her permanent smile and dedication to detail are some of the great assets that make her stand out. Nicole believes EcoCamp is much more than a hotel. “This place creates greater awareness of the importance of protecting nature. It makes both travelers and staff members realize how complex logistics in remote places truly are, and the work everyone must do to lower EcoCamp’s footprint. This coupled with high-quality service makes for an incredible place to work.”

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Claudio Fourcade, Head of Service

When not traveling to try new and interesting flavors and dishes, Claudio is hard at work in the EcoCamp kitchen, helping create the delicious meals that evoke the tastes and sensations of the region. As a chef, he recommends that travelers be willing to try and sample new things and be adventurous in their eating; "be open to new experiences," he says. He also loves being able to wake up every morning at EcoCamp and being immediately surrounded by nature. 


Lisette Nuñez, Head of Reception

Maria Aranzazu Azores,  RSE and Sustainability

Leaving behind her native Spain in search of adventure, Maria is thrilled to join the EcoCamp team. Passionate about sustainability and ecotourism, part of Maria's job is to educate staff about all the ways that EcoCamp is sustainable through tours, lectures, and workshops. She says that living and working in Torres del Paine is a dream. 


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Ricardo Candia Mandriaza, Head of Excursions

Ricardo joined EcoCamp in 2016 and since then never stopped falling in love with the amazing surrounding trails. Ricardo is not only a passionate guide; he is also dedicated to offering the best quality service to travelers while working with a happy team of guides. Ricardo grew up between Santiago de Chile and the Lake District and used to explore the mountains at a young age. Today, he is convinced EcoCamp is not only about connecting with nature; it is also about connecting with people. And he makes it clear through his daily work.

Fernanda Sanchez EcoCamp Team

Fernanda Sanchez, Tourism & Transportation Manager

Originally from Santiago, Fernanda decided to trade the crazy streets and hectic lifestyle of the capital for the tranquility and peace of living and working in Patagonia, where she gets to “enjoy the sounds of the outdoors and work with friendly, hardworking, and earnest people.” A giggly and happy person who, in her free time enjoys watching movies or having a Chilean “asado” with friends and family, Fernanda loves helping visitors discover the pure nature and biodiversity of part of the world, and always encourages EcoCamp guests to live in the “now” and truly savor their time there.
Juan Colín, EcoCamp Team

Juan Colín, Head of Acquisitions

Juan started working at EcoCamp in 2008 as a waiter and moved to work in administration in EcoCamp’s office afterwards, where he’s now in charge of acquisitions and deliveries. Juan was born in Puerto Natales and despite periods living in different places in Chile, like San Pedro de Atacama, he’s at his happiest when in Patagonia, soaking up the region’s beautiful nature, fishing opportunities, and getting out into the depths of the countryside on weekends.

Daniel Cortes, Operations Assistant Manager
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Daniel Cortes, Computer Technician

A Puerto Natales native, Daniel always loved his region for the strong energy you can feel as you hike along the fjords, lakes, and mountains of Magallanes. A tourism and technology addict, Daniel opted for more responsible tourism while specializing in Ecotourism. He worked in various refuges of Torres del Paine National Park before joining the EcoCamp team in 2015 as Operations Assistant. Today, Daniel works as Computer Technician for EcoCamp which considerably helped the company to be more responsive through technology.

In his free time, when he's not lost into computing, Daniel uses to spend some good time with his children or relax on a Taekwondo session


Renato Rodriguez, Head of Chauffeurs at EcoCamp
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Renato Rodriguez, Head of Chauffeurs

Hailing from Puerto Natales, Renato is so pleased that he gets to spend his days being close to nature and its beautiful landscapes. Always happy and passionate about his work and his family, as head chauffeur, he advises guests to “allow yourself to be swayed by the environment” and to let the Patagonian wilderness impress you, which is easy to do either on a hike or one of the smooth, comfortable transfers that Renato organizes.
EcoCamp accountant
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Sergio Ceron Barrientos, Accountant

A devoted family man who loves his kids and always travels with them, Sergio is thrilled to spend his days working at an innovative place like EcoCamp, where he encourages guests and other travelers to enjoy the place and landscapes that the area is famous for. He also loves the “peace of mind” he gets working in a place like Patagonia. “It’s priceless,” he enthuses.