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Claudio Bravo - EcoCamp Patagonia Guide

Claudio joined the Wildlife Safari team in 2011 fresh from his eco-tourism studies and with an overriding passion for nature and life in the wilderness. Despite being a Santiaguino, Claudio’s favourite place in Chile is Torres del Paine and his favourite place in the world is Chilean Patagonia in general. A budding ornithologist, Claudio enjoys bird-watching and also observing the different types of fauna across Chile. His favourite activity is trekking and he never heads off on a hike without binoculars, notebook, camera and bird-watching guide for the area.
Claudio recommends visitors in his hometown of Santiago visit San Cristobal hill for a panoramic view of the city and the Andes mountains, or visit one of Santiago’s many green parks. He also recommends the Santiago City Tour which takes visitors on a tour of the downtown highlights, including the central fish market where a huge variety of fish can be enjoyed. His favourite food is quinoa with reineta (a Chilean pomfret fish).  
Claudio’s favourite trek in Torres del Paine is the Torres base trek because it’s long, diverse, full of climate changes, exciting shapes in the clouds and interesting flora. His favourite season is between October and March because flowers begin to bloom and the birds begin to return. He never travels without binoculars, camera, comfortable clothes and a notebook to jot down what he’s seeing and feeling. 
Living by the motto ‘To always have a bird flying through the sky...and someone watching it’, Claudio loves sharing his passion for nature with others and encouraging people to look beyond buildings and into the natural world around them. That’s why he loves working at Ecocamp where he gets to learn about other cultures through his trekking groups and impart his wisdom & share his enthusiasm for the beautiful Torres del Paine landscapes. His favourite moments are when he meets a group in the morning and by nighttime they’re playing the guitar and singing as if they’ve known each other their whole lives. 

Speciality: EcoCamp Patagonia Wildlife Safari