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Felipe Guevara

Ricardo Candia,Wildlife Safari Guide & Head of Guides

Known for its generosity and attention to detail, Ricardo was born and raised in Central Chile, between the ocean and mountains. As a kid, he used to do short walks in the hills. Now, he hikes across the Patagonian mountains and leads the team of Wildlife Safari Guides. He particularly enjoys hiking to Grey Glacier to observe his favorite glacier.


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Henry Duarte, Wildlife Safari Guide

Born and raised in Northern Chile, Henry grew up in the immensity of the driest desert on Earth (Atacama). However it’s in Southern Chile he found peace, and Henry can be found hiking and camping in the vicinity of Torres del Paine National Park on his free days. Henry’s second hobby is wrestling, and it’s on the toughest trails like the towers’ base hike he has the most fun.

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Katty Meyer, Wildlife Safari Guide

Katty became famous at EcoCamp for ever ever-smile and great compassion. When she’s not hiking in Torres del Paine National Park, Katty is either camping, climbing or skiing in the Andes mountains. An outdoors lover, she spent 3 years guiding in the region. Her favorite excursion is French Valley

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Felipe Zunkel, Wildlife Safari Guide

Felipe grew up in Chile’s Lake District, a sacred land full of lakes and volcanoes. Since he was a child he loved the outdoors. When he first came in Torres del Paine National Park in 2014, the region instantly became his favorite place on Earth. Felipe’s favorite excursion is Cerro Paine, yet Felipe’s big heart makes him happy on any trail - as soon as there’s an EcoCamp guest around

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Pablo Otero, Wildlife Safari Guide

Pablo started working in Torres del Paine National Park 3 years ago, after successfully graduating in ecotourism in Santiago de Chile. Pablo traveled from North America to the world’s end with a true taste for wilderness. It’s on Patagonia’s trails he truly feels alive and he particularly loves spotting wildlife on Fauna Trail


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Claire Hourticq, Wildlife Safari Guide

A traveler at heart, Claire was born in France but was raised (almost) in all continents, from Ethiopia and United States to Italy. Claire loves meeting new people and working as a Wildlife Safari guide at EcoCamp was her dreamt opportunity. She particularly enjoys going at Laguna Azul for a hike in the land of guanacos and a delicious “asado” (barbecue) with guests from around the world

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Javier Embry, Wildlife Safari Guide

Javier grew up in the chaos of Santiago de Chile. As a teenager he used to find excuses to escape the noise of the city and to explore the summits of the Andes Mountains. This is when he started climbing some of the most beautiful mountains in Chile. He naturally came to Patagonia in 2009 to explore the glaciers and granite peaks of Torres del Paine National Park and work as a guide with EcoCamp. Javier loves anything that has to do with the outdoors, yet his favorite excursion is Mt. Ferrier (close to Grey Glacier).


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Maia Gurol, Wildlife Safari Guide

Maia was born and raised in the United States. As a kid she had a huge connection with the outdoors and after many small jobs in her home-country, she decided to fly to Chile to be as close to nature as possible. She enjoys the Chilean wilderness and Torres del Paine was the absolute highlight of her trip. She decided to stay and started working as a Safari guide with EcoCamp, for the pleasure of the guests who enjoy her special sense of happiness and passion for the mountains.

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Andrés Espinoza, Wildlife Safari Guide

Andres was born in Santiago de Chile but was always attracted by the immensity of the South America landscapes. As a kid he was always up for an exploration of the Andes mountains. Patagonia could not be a better fit for his passion : guiding in the outdoors. A very attentative and passionate being, Andres loves biking in Laguna Azul, surrounded by pumas and guanacos.

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Pablo Masmolto, Wildlife Safari Guide

Pablo was born in the basque country. As a teenager, he used to hike for days through the immensity of the Pyrenees. He started guiding in Torres del Paine national Park in 2017, and his passion for the flora and fauna allowed him to quickly learn the natural complexity of the region. Pablo is a true scientist when it comes to explaining the geology or wildlife of Patagonia - but those scientists you want to listen for days. His favorite excursion is Lazo-Weber.