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Fiore Pandolffo - EcoCamp Yoga Instructor

Fiore was born in Northern Chile and has been living all around the country from Antofagasta to Punta Arenas. She studied Ecotourism and felt the special sense of feeling part of nature which helped her finding a special spiritual path in Yoga.
Fiore started practicing yoga in 2005 through different styles. In 2015, after an integral teaching, she found the yoga she was keen to study as she practiced the discipline with climbers in an outdoor scene. She listened to her soul as she decided to work in Torres del Paine National Park, a scenery that she thinks is perfect for Yoga.
In her free time, Fiore can be found trekking, climbing, reading, practicing yoga and making music with her friends.

Fiore hopes that Patagonia will help you experiencing a special connection with nature and yourself, with lots of great energy to fulfil your soul.