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Jose Luis Ojeda - EcoCamp Patagonia Guide

José Luis started working as a Cascada guide in 2009, impressed by the company’s extensive experience in Torres del Paine and good working environment. A native of Punta Arenas, Jose Luis’ favourite place in Chile is (let’s take bets...) Patagonia! He loves trekking and sea kayaking and is happy in any place where he can row row row his boat. He always travels with his kayaking kit and a responsible, committed and positive attitude. When not doing outdoor activities he’s busy spending time with his partner and his family at a Patagonian barbecue, or eating Chiloe’s typical dish Curanto, or making furniture. He recommends tourists in Santiago visit Santa Lucia hill and then enjoy a beer in Bellavista.

For Jose Luis, the best thing about his job is the good relationship between staff and travelers, thanks to the friendly, cozy environment created by Cascada. He finds that trekkers are brimming with good vibes during and after their treks, often leading to long-lasting friendships with their guides. His favourite trek is the 7 day Torres del Paine W trek and his top Eco tip during this trek, and all others, is to try not to leave a trace on the park’s fragile paths. His favourite time of year is the start of November because the trekkers begin to flock in, but not in such great numbers that the park is overcrowded. March is also a good time of year as the summer hoards leave as it starts to get cold, and Ecocamp and the park trails become less crowded.

Jose Luis has many a memorable story to tell from his treks but his favourite experience was when one of his group confided in him that they were planning to propose to their partner at the Torres viewpoint - Luckily she said yes and they all toasted the happy moment with champagne. His funniest moment came when one traveler dazzled the group with their ‘special’ dancing at Christmas.