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Loreto Vasquez - EcoCamp Patagonia Guide

Loreto VasquezA native of Puerto Natales, Loreto became an EcoCamp guide in 2010, attracted by the company's focus on sustainability. In her first season she really enjoyed leading motivated groups around the park on the active treks, many of whom had a lot of trekking experience and kept her on her toes! Her favourite place in the world is Torres del Paine and her passion for nature keeps her trekking and guiding in the park with a smile everyday. It’s no coincidence that her favourite place in Santiago is big hill San Cristobal (climb it if you dare).

Loreto’s favourite place in Torres del Paine is Valle Frances and her favourite time of year is winter because she finds the climate stable and colours magical. Her favourite dish among the hearty Chilean food served in the evenings at EcoCamp is Cazuela. She likes learning from guests, and fondly remembers the time a very special senior couple taught her to appreciate nature from their wise perspective. Her funniest moment came when she had to lead a group of children who spoke only Hebrew and not a word of English. עזרה!‎ (Help!)