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Manuel Sierpe - EcoCamp Patagonia Guide

ManuelManuel hails from Punta Arenas, where he got the mountain trekking bug at an early age. He chose to work at EcoCamp in 2009 because of its expertise in Adventure Tourism. His favourite place in Chile is Torres del Paine and his favourite outdoor activities are mountaineering and exploring (a very satisfying answer from a guide!). He also enjoys fishing, eating sea food and making global contacts on the web. 

Adventurous and daring Manuel always travels with his backpack, sleeping bag, torch and a preparedness for anything. He’d like to go trekking in Canada one day, if he could bear to leave beautiful Patagonia. His favourite thing about working at EcoCamp is the good relationship he strikes up with guests, becoming long term friends on many occasions. His favourite trip is the 7 day Torres del Paine trek and he likes leading treks best in December in peak season. 

His advice for staying green en route is to store all food rubbish in ziploc bags. His funniest guiding experience was when he found himself leading a group of 10 women (nationality undisclosed) in their sixties who were all very adventurous and called themselves the ‘Kill Girls’. I bet he wasn’t prepared for that one!

Speciality: Torres del Paine W Trek