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Nicolás Danyau - EcoCamp Patagonia Guide


Nicolas was raised just south of Santiago but has been a firm lover of Patagonia ever since he started leading tour groups there. He began work at EcoCamp since 2009 after two years working for EcoCamp’s parent company Cascada Expediciones. Nicolas’ favourite place in the world are the Himalayas, but when he’s not trekking at such high altitudes he’s happy photographing the Patagonian scenery and living up Torres del Paine’s natural offerings. 
In his free time Nicolas likes to watch movies, eat ice cream, cook, listen to music, go walking, take photos, rock climb, mountain climb, then go back to watching movies to relax! Rock climbing and scuba diving are definitely his favourite sports and afterwards he likes to reward himself with pastel de choclo, barbecues made by his dad and sushi made by his brother. 
Nicolas travels with only the essentials - his music and his camera - and if he weren’t working at EcoCamp he’d probably be in Alaska taking photos of grizzly bears. For now he’ll just have to make do with pumas! A dreamcatcher til the end, Nicolas enjoys working with his friends at EcoCamp and his favourite time of year in Patagonia is winter because of the beautiful silence. His favourite treks are French Valley and Las Torres base trek and his most memorable experience came when he prepared a romantic scene so that one of his trekking group could propose to his girlfriend in the park. Aww.