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Get to know our Patagonia Instructor Team! They are expert individuals who teach either staff or guests about specialist areas. 

Diego Araya

Diego has always been passionate about nature and wildlife. During his studies in Marine Biology he began to explore photography in search of intimacy and complicity with animals.

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Xabi Etxarri

Xabi Etxarri

Xabi hails from Navarra near Pamplona in Basque Country. He became a trekking guide and later a nature guide, interested in nature & all aspects of science and passionate about mountains (he grew up near the Pyrenees). 

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Fiore Pandolffo, Yoga Instructor at EcoCamp Patagonia
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Fiore Pandolffo

Fiore is our Yoga Instructor. She started practicing yoga in 2005, passing trough different styles. Her special connection with nature led her to to work in Torres del Paine National Park.  Read Fiore's story...