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Xabier Etxarri - EcoCamp Nature Instructor

Xabi Etxarri


Xabi hails from Navarra near Pamplona in Basque Country. He became a trekking guide and later a nature guide, interested in nature & all aspects of science and passionate about mountains (he grew up near the Pyrenees). 
Xabi is a qualified science teacher and physicist with a specialisation in astrophysics. After six years working in physics Xavi knew that a traditional 9 to 5 office job with all its constraints couldn’t fulfill him forever and so he decided to leave it all behind and go looking for something else, not knowing exactly what but knowing he was up for the journey. His plan was to leave his routine, his world, and find himself while looking for something completely different. He decided on Chilean Patagonia, sold his stuff, bought a one way ticket to Santiago and set off. The year was 1994.
Arriving in Natales Xabi set about hiking, thinking, reading and writing. He unlocked his passion for poetry and has since written 14 books of poetry which can be found in a published anthology (Antología del Nómada, RIL editores, Santiago de Chile, 2005). Xabi started working in Patagonia as a guide after a ranch owner suggested it due to Xabi’s mountain background and English skills. He went to Torres del Paine National Park and trekked solo through the park, waking up to incredible scenery and spectacular nature and realising this was his calling in life. 
Twenty years later he’s still living in the open air, leading groups through Patagonia’s enchanting scenery (and in Basque country the other six months of the year, in Patagonian winter). His curiosity, scientific background and love of books has led him to become the naturalist he is, and today as well as guiding he trains nature guides in Europe and Chile.  
Xabi trained Ecocamp Patagonia Wildlife & Nature Guides in October in a series of six sessions consisting of geology, glaciology, hydrology, botany, park vegetation and park fauna in addition to a training session in the field.