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EcoCamp Patagonia Experience

EcoCamp Patagonia is an inviting home in the Patagonian wilderness, providing guided treks and wildlife excursions by day and cozy dinners and accommodation at night. At the foot of las torres, EcoCamp is immersed in the surrounding vegetation and blends harmoniously into the park environment. From your friendly eco dome you can look out at the spectacular view of the towering granite spires in the morning and fall asleep gazing up at the stars of the southern hemisphere each night. 



Each day EcoCamp specialist guides take you on different trekking adventures and wildlife watching trips through Torres del Paine's most treasured sights and you experience nature at close quarters as you witness the incredible sight of guanacos roaming along the river banks, foxes trotting in the distance, vivid blue icebergs floating on Grey lake and the fierce Patagonian wind rushing through the plains. You always take a picnic lunch to be enjoyed at a designated spot en route and there is plenty of time to admire the unparalleled views and take photos while hiking. 
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Community Domes

Evenings are for well deserved rest in EcoCamp's community domes with the rest of your group, feasting on the day's memories and tasty fusion cuisine and Chilean wine. Communities domes are the social hub of EcoCamp and everyone unites to enjoy an aperitif and appetizers in the bar before moving through to the dining room for dinner. After your three course meal you have the option of unwinding in the library or moving back to the bar to continue socialising with guides and other guests. 
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Yoga Dome

EcoCamp’s yoga dome comes brand new to EcoCamp for our 2013/14 season! We are very happy to welcome Betty del Angel our yoga instructor, who will be leading hatha and kundalini yoga sessions each evening as well as stretching classes and fusion dance!
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Patagonia Cuisine

At Ecocamp we are convinced that good quality food is fundamental to enjoying a vacation and we do our best to meet our promise of providing tasty, innovative high quality meals. To provide the highest quality food possible Ecocamp has to manage a complex operation given that there are no service providers available for around 75 miles/120km (the nearest big city lies 230 miles/370km away). Nevertheless all food is locally sourced from the region and we import tasty fresh ingredients.
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At bedtime you head back to your bedroom dome along the wooden walkways connecting EcoCamp and briefly feel the Patagonian wind in all its glory before arriving at your snug dome and closing the wooden door. All domes are designed to create minimum environmental impact, utilizing natural heat and light, natural materials and renewable energy & sophisticated composting bathrooms (Suite/Superior domes). If you're in a Standard dome you'll have fleece blankets to keep you warm at night, in a Superior dome you'll have a gas heater and in a Suite dome or Suite dome loft there's a wood fire which is lit morning and night, with an additional bathroom heater. After a long day's trek and an evening of entertainment, food and wine you'll fall asleep peacefully looking up at the stars through the ceiling window to the sound of the wind rushing through the night sky (use earplugs if the wind's that bit too fierce!) safe in the knowledge that you're leaving an invisible footprint behind in the wilderness. 
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