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What travellers say about Cascada tours and our EcoCamp Patagonia. If you've been on one of our tours, send us your feedback. Read more from other Cascada Expediciones Testimonials...

Catherine Richardson, UK (5 day Torres del Paine short W Trek)

Sorry it has taken me so long to reply. Busy busy!!
We had a wonderful trip. The Ecocamp was divine [we absolutely loved our tickly bed]. Isobel our guide was perfect.
You were very clever to team us up with the Cherrytree family. We were a very jolly group – and we helped each other along when the going got tough. 10 out of 10! We loved it and will certainly recommend you to our friends.
Many thanks Katy

Guest Stay: Dec 19, 2007

Joyce and Robert Chambers, USA (7 day Torres del Paine Trek)

We are now in Punta Arenas again after visiting El Chalten and El Calafate and on to Santiago on the 30th December.
We want to let you know that the trip to Torres del Paine was one of the best experiences we have ever had .....and we are experienced travelers and have been to lots of places. All went better than planned, including the weather, by the way. The ecocamp was fantastic, but most of all the wonderful staff who cooked beautiful food in such a small kitchen. The porters and driver were wonderful and the guides, Mauricio and Roberto, amazing. They taught us so much and really took care of all of us, both the slow hikers and the fast ones as well. We will recommend you highly.

Joyce and Robert Chambers

Guest Stay: Dec 19, 2007

Andrew Dickson, CHILE (5 day Torres del Paine Short W Trek + Serrano Navigation)

We arrived home in Santiago last night, tired by happy. The trip was fantastic, a once in a lifetime experience! All three of us were extremely pleased with how it turned out.

The Eco Camp was terrific and the staff were exceptional. Our guides Eduardo and Roberto were friendly, knowledgable and proffessional and the other camp staff were also friendly and efficient. I think we were reasonably lucky with the weather; there were no days when we could not see anything of the sights we walked so long to find. Some other groups were not so lucky...

I would also like to thank you for your help with the planning of our trip. Your informative and prompt responses made the whole process much easier and the pre-trip guide you provided was invaluable. In fact, a number of other people who were in our group also said that it was your efforts that made choosing Cascada and the Eco Camp an easy decision. I am also very glad that we chose to stay within the park; travelling that far each day would have made some of the treks very difficult to achieve in one day..........
Thanks again Cecilia.



Guest Stay: Dec 10, 2007

Suchitra Srinivasan, USA (5 Tage Torres del Paine Trek + 7 Tage Fitz Roy Trek)

Tecla und ich sind Freitag Nacht nach Hause gekommen und werden euch diese Woche eine Dankeschön-Email schicken. Die ganze Reise, vor allem Torres del Paine, war UNGLAUBLICH!!! Wir liebten Cascada, unseren Guide Mauricio und alle anderen Mitarbeiter von Cascada. Alle waren sehr professionell, aber auch lustig, freundlich und fürsorglich. Außerdem schätzten sehr wie umweltfreundlich die Cascada-Guides waren.

Guest Stay: Oct 31, 2007

Cassie Boggs, CANADA (5 day Torres del Paine short W Trek)

Our trip to Torres del Paine was fantastic and worked out much better than I was expecting. We were amazed that we were able to put the whole trip together in less than 2 weeks -- your very prompt assistance in making that happen was very much appreciated. The application and reservation process was very good. The arrangements also went off without a hitch.

We particularly enjoyed having Kenneth be our guide. He was very knowledgeable and was very good at taking care of us. He was good at assessing our hiking abilities and making adjustments as needed. He is a pleasure to spend time with and a very good spokesman and representative of Cascada.

I was worried when we first traveled to the camp as the weather was windy and cold. But we found our beds quite comfortable and warm (we really liked the hot water bottle in the bed idea!).....
......We found the food to be excellent--the pisco sours and appetizers before dinner are a lovely treat and each day the dinners were top quality--some of the best food we had in Chile and can compete with the best restaurants in Santiago. The barbequed lamb on the last night was particularly special. We found the staff helpful, knowledgeable and entertaining and everyone had excellent English skills, which was much appreciated. (Kenneth was good in letting Barb and me practice our Spanish too!)

The 5 day trip was perfect for us--the hikes were challenging and different, and I think 7 days would have been too much for us. We were lucky enough to have good weather and seemed to have just the right clothes--your suggestion list of items to bring was very helpful in that regard.

I really liked the idea of the Eco camp and seems like that should be the only way to see Patagonia. (I can't believe the Leonardo DiCapprio stayed at Explora! What kind of environmentalist is he?!!). The trip worked out very well for us and was just what we were looking for. We are looking forward to returning and I will tell my friends both in North America and Chile about Cascada and our great trip.

Best regards,

Guest Stay: Oct 27, 2007

Anne Welch, USA (7 day Torres del Paine Trek)

I had a wonderful 7-Day TDP trip. It was very well
organized. The staff were friendly and knowledgeable. The Eco-Camp was
great (and the food amazing!). I especially appreciated your very
responsive and attentive customer service. Everything went very smoothly,
and I felt very comfortable and well taken care of. Thank you!! Anne

Guest Stay: Oct 08, 2007

David Hornblow, USA (7 day Torres del Paine Trek )

I just got back home on Friday. IT WAS AMAZING!!! The whole trip was wonderful, including cosy warm Ecocamp, the guides Rodrigo and Roberto, the fantastic weather ( I thought you had wind and rain in Patagonia!!) we were so lucky, and of course the scenery. I think you and Cascada did an excellent job. All pick-ups from airports and hotels were there on time. I have been on many trips before with other companies in other countries, but you delivered what you promised, a positive, environmentally responsible, unforgettable experience. The day we hiked to the base of the Torres del Paine is a day I shall treasure for ever. I also made some great new friends and our age span was 30-72! Thank you Ceci, you gave me total confidence before I left and I returned home with it. Where to next year, Cec? Kind regards, and heartfelt thanks, muchas gracias, David

Guest Stay: Mar 05, 2007

Marie Dommange, FRANCE (5 day Torres del Paine short W Trek)

Estamos ahora in Francia llorando su pais !
Nos viaje a Torres del Paine fue super !
I swicth to English which is easier for me.
We have been very pleased with Ecocamp : the concept of respecting the environment, and having the sensation of a private camp was excellent.
The two guides Isabel and Maïcha have been so nice, interesting and careful for us. they got along with our son as well as with us.
The level of the treck, I am speaking for me, was well described.The lanscape is so magnificent that it was a joy to discover a new spot every day. we really enjoyed our 5 days and it has been a perfect way to finish our discovery of the country.

If I have something to say, it is that this prestation of high quality, concerning the ecology and the sport spirit, is expensive. I am happy to have been able to afford it but I regret that it cannot be accessible for more people because when you add the airplane from Europe and in Chili, this is really an expensive trip. This will be the only reason which prevents me to recommend it to some of our friends who are visiting Chile.
Thank you for everything ! You have a great country with great people.
Marie Dommange

Guest Stay: Jan 10, 2007

Alastair Hosie, UK (5 day Torres del Paine short W Trek)

Sorry not to get back to you sooner. We had a wonderful time at the EcoCamp, it was everything we hoped for and more. The setting was beautiful, the guide (Rodrigo) and staff very good fun (espacially Fabi). The food was splendid and I enjoyed the pisco sours each night. I thought the route plans for the 5 day tour was perfect, each day was just the right length and I thought we saw everything we could hope to in the time available.

We were particularly grateful for the chapagne that was waiting for us in out tent. Thank you so much for that, it was very kind. We both think our visit to the EcoCamp was a highlight of our honeymoon and I don't think we will forget it

Guest Stay: Dec 22, 2006