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EcoCamp Patagonia 2015/16 season opening date fixed

EcoCamp Patagonia has fixed its opening date for the 2015/16 season! We’re opening our domes on September 11th to welcome in the 2015/16 season in Torres del Paine National Park. From September 11th until October 31st all guests booking to do an EcoCamp Wildlife Safari in either Suite domes or Standard domes (Standard domes available starting from September 21th 2015 due to temperatures) or booking to do the W trek will enjoy 30% low season reduced rates
Visiting Torres del Paine during the off-peak season also has other benefits - in September and October the park is much more peaceful and the mountains are snow-capped with wonderful light for photographers, whilst in April Torres del Paine has its Indian summer with beautiful colours and wildlife lining the park. On September 27th 2015 EcoCamp has put together a special package and will be official eco host for the Patagonian International Marathon. In April guests on an EcoCamp Wildlife Safari can enjoy the park's array of flora & fauna at its peak. The harder part of travelling in off-peak season? Weather conditions and lower numbers of visitors can sometimes mean itinerary changes, but rest assured EcoCamp offers excellent alternative excursions to off-the-beaten path locations (as described in detail on our website)!
Trekkers booking to do EcoCamp’s 5 day and 7 day W trek enjoy the benefits of a park atmosphere with increased wildlife, at reduced rates. EcoCamp’s 5 day short W trek begins every Sunday starting from September 28th and the full 7 day W trek every Monday starting from September 29th. EcoCamp’s 9 day Paine Circuit, which runs exclusively in high season, starts operating on October 29th. 
Be an early bird and book your EcoCamp experience now - Explore Patagonia’s wilderness in harmony with nature during EcoCamp’s off-peak season!
EcoCamp Patagonia Tour Opening Date Departures 2014/15 Last Departure Date Make your reservation now
Patagonia Wildlife Safari Sep 11 2015 every day
May 4 2016 Book your Trip
Torres del Paine 5 Day Short-W Trek Oct 04 2015 every Sunday
(or private departure)
Apr 24 2016 Book your Trip
Torres del Paine 7 Day W Trek Oct 05 2015 every Monday
(or private departure)
Apr 25 2016 Book your Trip
Torres del Paine 9 Day Circuit Oct 28 2015 every Wednesday
(or private departure)
Mar 16 2016 Book your Trip
Epic Patagonia - Multi Sport Adventure Nov 1 2015
every Sunday
(or private departure)
Mar 27 2016 Book your Trip
Patagonia Puma Tracking Oct 11 2015
6 x Special Event
in 2015/16
Apr 29 2016 Book your Trip
Patagonia Intl. Marathon Special Sep 27 2015
Special Event
- Book your Trip
Patagonia Hiking & Chile Ski Special tba
Special Event
tba Book your Trip
Patagonia United Sep 11 2015
every day
May 4 2016 Book your Trip
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