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EcoCamp Patagonia Features in National Geographic’s 2011 Stay List for South America

EcoCamp Patagonia, owned by Chilean tour operator Cascada, has been named in this year’s National Geographic list of must-visit hotels in South America. The camp is set in the Patagonian wild, among the towering mountains and icy blue rivers of Torres del Paine National Park. Guests in the region’s first sustainable accommodation are surrounded by the park’s rugged natural beauty and unique wildlife.

Organized treks from the camp depart to explore the area’s spectacular lakes, glaciers, fjords and forests. Guests are immersed in the park’s flora and fauna, with unforgettable sightings of an Andean condor soaring high in the sky, or a fox meandering along at daybreak, or a puma slinking through the distant lenga forest.

Panoramic views of the park’s granite pillars can be enjoyed from the dining room at EcoCamp, where delicious, plentiful food is served. From their organic eco-dome sleeping quarters, guests can snuggle in the warmth and gaze up at the star-filled horizon, protected from the ferocious wind raging through the wild night sky. All domes are connected to the library and bar offer further relaxing space to unwind with new friends over a glass of Chile’s finest red.

EcoCamp’s nomadic and natural design pays homage to the ancient dwellers of the region, who lived in similar domes and shared the respect for nature that the site upholds today. Hydro-electric & solar power, a carbon neutral policy, careful recycling & composting and the utilisation of natural heat and light resources are features that have gained EcoCamp international certification. All guests are strongly encouraged to adhere to sustainable policies and minimise their carbon footprint. At the end of a daylong tour, travelers can relax knowing both they, and nature, are being looked after at EcoCamp Patagonia.

Cascada Expediciones, proud owners of EcoCamp Patagonia, are celebrating 20 years as an eco-friendly tour operator. Explore the Immensity with Cascada.