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EcoCamp Patagonia Goes Greener with Large-Scale Facilities Revamp

EcoCamp Patagonia, the world’s first geodesic hotel, unveils plans for an exciting revamp of its facilities. Continuing their commitment to sustainability, the company further invests in a series of green upgrades aiming to improve guests’ comfort, better the hotel’s carbon footprint, and strengthen its pledge to remain 100% carbon neutral - all while maintaining the intimate atmosphere it’s known for.

EcoCamp Patagonia is nothing if not innovative. Born in 2000 out of a desire to promote ecotourism in Patagonia, since its inception the company has thrived on the challenge of running a sustainable hotel in one of the world’s most-loved tourist destinations: Torres del Paine National Park. Situated in the contours of Chilean Patagonia, EcoCamp’s founders and staff work hard to provide a unique experience for their guests while protecting this beautiful and fragile landscape through their environmental responsibility policy. This newest facilities revamp is a product of EcoCamp’s desire to maintain the highest standards of hospitality while further reducing their environmental footprint. 

This challenging revamp has been developed in response to travelers’ increased interest in eco-friendly accommodation. "This enlargement of EcoCamp is our answer to an increasing demand for unique accommodation options and experiences in Torres del Paine. In 2015-16, more guests will be able to live the EcoCamp experience", says Maike Berkemeier, Head of Sales at EcoCamp Patagonia.  From May 1, 2015, when EcoCamp closes its doors during winter time, construction will be underway on a variety of extensions and new domes.


EcoCamp Domes available for travelers in 2015/16 season:

  • 5 additional “Suite Domes” (new total of 15 Suites, double/single bed), 
  • 2 additional “Superior Domes” (new total of 4 Superior, double/single bed),
  • 1 additional “Suite Dome Loft” - our bestselling option for families (new total of 3 Lofts, triple/quadruple bed)

Suite Dome interior at EcoCamp Patagonia
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EcoCamp Patagonia - Suite Dome interior


There will now be a total of four community domes (including a new dome) comprising living room areas, dining rooms and bar areas. The new Community Dome’s living room/bar will be extended to afford an excellent view of Lake Norsdenjolk.


Community Dome
New in 2015/16: EcoCamp Patagonia Community Dome terrace will be closed in to create a living space for guests


However, these changes are not simply about adding more domes, says Maike.

...This revamp will further our goal of providing comfort in a natural setting with minimal environmental impact and also maintain what makes us unique, such as the hotel’s familiar and cozy vibe and our pioneer ecological concept,...

says Maike Berkemeier, Head of Sales at EcoCamp Patagonia

Therefore, in addition to these changes, the company announces a variety of tweaks and betterments designed to further the hotel’s dedication to sustainability.

Further Eco-Improvements:

  • Renewable energy systems will be overhauled. The position of the hydroelectric turbines will be moved downwards so as to harness more potential energy from the falling water and more photovoltaic cells will be installed, in addition to the renewal of equipment in the electricity room.
  • Our domes’ award-winning insulation improved by the addition of extra Fisiterm layers.
  • To fight against the heat on hot days, solar extractor fans and a new type of “openable window” will be installed in domes to improve comfort and airflow.
  • Furthermore, all domes’ “thermal inertia” mass will be increased, bettering year-round indoor comfort and reducing the difference between high and low indoor temperatures.
  • Lastly, the room in which the emergency diesel generator is located will be soundproofed.

** Edited 29th May 2015 **

EcoCamp Revamp in full swing!

The Suite and Superior Domes’ foundations and the platform for the Staff Domes are now in place and various excavations are underway. There are currently 18 construction workers at EcoCamp and six in Puerto Natales working on our renovations.

As often happens, a project “morphs” as the first day of construction comes closer. After a site visit from EcoCamp’s co-founder Yerko Ivelic, the definitive project no longer envisages a closed-in terrace, nor the construction of a roof. Instead, the new Community Dome’s living room/bar will be extended to afford an excellent view of Lake Norsdenjolk.

In the new Community Dome (of  65m2), 9m2 will be used for the living room/bar (the current bar will be moved to this new dome). The 28m2 dome which was used during the 2014/15 season as a dining room (and  before that as a living room/shop), will be used as a living room dome. 

To summarize, with respect to the Community Domes, there will now be a total of four domes:

  • Entering from the right hand side will be the 28m2 dome, which will be used as a living room and for excursion briefings.
  • Heading to the left, our current large (65m2) dining room dome will be maintained as such.
  • The next dome – also large (65m2) and with an interior structure – will be turned into a dining room dome identical to the previous dome (the current structure has been taken out and the floors will be redone).
  • Later, a new (also large) dome will be connected to this dining room dome. This new dome will only be used as a living room with its own bar.

Stay tuned for updates....

This is what happens to our Community Domes in Winter....

The construction team has to support the changing weather conditions of Patagonian Winter

One of the upcoming newborn Suite Domes...

The possibility to greater serve guests and the environment is an exciting one for the EcoCamp’s founders and team.

...This is the most ambitious revamp we’ve ever done at EcoCamp, so a few very interesting months await us,...

says founder Yerko Ivelic, Co-Founder of EcoCamp Patagonia


UPDATE - October 2015: The new re-designed EcoCamp Patagonia is the answer to environmentally-conscious travelers’ dreams: physical outdoor adventure, sustainable living and an intimate atmosphere all rolled into one. We decided to follow the mighty condor as he was flying above our new EcoCamp Patagonia. This is what we saw:


Flying above EcoCamp Patagonia, Torres del Paine NP, Chile

This is what the mighty condor must see as it flies above the re-designed EcoCamp Patagonia, in the heart of Torres del Paine National Park, Chile.

Posted by Ecocamp Patagonia on Friday, November 20, 2015