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EcoCamp Patagonia ISO 14001 re-certification 2013

EcoCamp recently had its ISO 14001 certification renewed following its successful triennial recertification process. EcoCamp has now held this international environmental management standard for six years, since April 2007, and will have been certified for nine years when it reaches its next recertification process in 2016. 
EcoCamp was the very first hotel to receive this recognition in Chilean Patagonia and to date remains the only hotel in Chilean Patagonia to hold the prestigious certification. EcoCamp co-founder & owner Yerko described the certification in 2007 as one of his proudest moments in the development of EcoCamp, “The ISO 14001 meant that we had achieved a goal we set ourselves a long time ago - It was possible, in a national park, to have a successful hotel which strictly protected the environment. It was no longer a theory, it was a reality.”
ISO 14001 standards focus on the operations and processes of environmental management and make sure that standards comply with international laws, regulations and all environmental requirements. The certification also obligates companies to continually improve in these two areas, meaning that between recertification EcoCamp is constantly bettering its environmental management processes. 
EcoCamp’s ISO 14001 audit and certification is performed by multinational company SGS, headquartered in Geneva Switzerland. In addition to its 14001 renewal, EcoCamp had its annual ISO 9001 audit, measuring quality management systems, which was found to be very satisfactory. EcoCamp’s parent company, Cascada Expediciones, also successfully passed their annual ISO 9001 audit after having recieved certification last year. 
EcoCamp General Manager, Sebastian Gomez, said he was thrilled with the outcome and was very grateful to all of his team at EcoCamp for being part of the successful process and continual improvement.