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EcoCamp Patagonia Travelers' Tales - Into Patagonia's Vastness

What's it like to visit Torres del Paine?

We wanted to know, and so turned to some of the best: our guests.

Travelers' Tales are stories told by our guests, verbatim, about their experience in Torres del Paine alongside other hikers in the wilds of Chilean Patagonia. This week, we're proud to share two travelers' stories in the first of our series of Tales.

Return to nature in Chilean Patagonia

Living on our blue-green planet as passengers shooting across the universe, we make time to experience nature as best we can. We might exclaim over a novel cloud formation; pause, intrigued, to watch a bird go about its day; or dip our feet into a cool stream and momentarily enjoy the water's flow. But in our routines, often lived out in the city, these moments are scarce.

"You relax in your surroundings and can just be you.
You can just be." 

Carey Churchall - EcoCamp Patagonia W Trek Traveler

At EcoCamp, our guests spend their time in the grip of nature's influence: climbing to the famous Towers, visiting glaciers, trekking to valleys, and drinking in the striking blues of the lakes. Undistracted by the outside world and in the company of others seeking out the same experience, our travelers find themselves in the midst of a physical - and increasingly, emotional - adventure. Nature's ability to transform us is well-known, and alive here at Torres del Paine.



Visit EcoCamp Patagonia - Made your Patagonia trip the trip of a lifetime

"As a Travel Consultant, it's wonderful to see our guests so happy and excited after their time at EcoCamp. I was very happy to have assisted Paul Malmberg with his Torres del Paine travel plans, and it's very gratifying to see him talking in this video about how moving and memorable this experience was for him." said Daniela Gamboa, Cascada Travel Junior Key Account Manager.

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