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EcoCamp Proud Supporters of the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism

On Thursday 19th June 2014, EcoCamp Patagonia, along with 19 other Chilean tourism companies and associations, took a monumental step in the history of the tourism industry by becoming the first Chilean companies to sign the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism Agreement, developed by the World Tourism Organisation.

EcoCamp united alongside 19 other environmentally-responsible tourism companies in publicly declaring their commitment to ethical and sustainable touristic development. The agreement took place in the form of a public ceremony , held at the Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism in Chile.

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Many global and national representatives of tourism were present at the event, including the  General Secretary of the World Tourism Organisation, Taleb Rifai, and Carlos Vogeler, director of the Americas region of the World Tourism Organisation.

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Founder of EcoCamp, Yerko Ivelic (second from the left) with representatives from the World Tourism Organisation

The Global Code of Ethics consists of 10 principles outlining the ways in which governments, businesses,  communities and tourists can maximise the benefits of tourism for the embetterment of the environment, cultures and heritages of countries across the world. It has already been signed by hundreds of touristic organisations the world over, however, June 19th marked the day in which Chilean companies followed suit.

Founder and director of EcoCamp Patagonia, Yerko Ivelic, was the EcoCamp representative at the ceremony and proudly signed the agreement on behalf of our innovative company which promotes an ethos of respect for the environment, local communities and workers rights.  He said the following in reaction to the signing:

Sustainability is the raison d’être of EcoCamp. It is the ethos which brought about the construction of our dome hotel and it remains  the core concept behind everything we practice at EcoCamp today. We are therefore very pleased to have signed the Global Code of Ethics Agreement and are proud to be part of a group of innovative, environmentally and socially-conscious tourism companies who will work together and in our respective communities to protect the environment and those that live and work in local communities. At EcoCamp, we work hand-in-hand with the local farmers and guides of Patagonia, so it means a lot to us at EcoCamp to be an official supporter of an agreement which seeks to put the needs of local communities first.

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EcoCamp Founder, Yerko Ivelic, signing the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism Agreement

We are thrilled to be a part of such a vital and influential agreement and will continue to spread the word about the importance of environmental sustainability through our practices at EcoCamp.

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EcoCamp proudly joins 19 other Chilean compaines in signing the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism