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EcoCamp Proud to be Recognized for Sustainable Tourism

EcoCamp was recently recognized for its sustainable tourism practices by Chile Sustainable Travel, an initiative under Sernatur, the Chilean ministry of economy, development, and tourism. One of Sernatur’s goals is to establish Chile as a sustainable travel destination and awards the ¨S¨ (sustainability) to lodging services that are socially (Social Commitment) and ecologically sustainable (Green Ethos). 

Energy efficiency, recycling, and fair labor practices are just some of the requirements to achieve the ¨S¨. The lodging service must also incorporate some part of the natural and cultural heritage of Chile (Cultural Preservation) in their product. 

We think it's very important that this new seal of sustainability given by Sernatur recognises and respects the validity of our environmental policy and its importance in the development of tourism in Chile.

Co-founder and owner: Yerko Ivelic, who played an important part in the original layout of EcoCamp.
EcoCamp is the first fully sustainable hotel in Patagonia. Its design was inspired by the nomadic Kaweskar inhabitants who lived in the Patagonia region. Their shelters were semi-circular huts made from bark and covered by seal or otter skins. The Kaweskar wandered through the region setting up and dismantling their huts without leaving behind a trace on the land. 
The domes at EcoCamp are based on the Kaweskar model. They are constructed with skylights that illuminate the rooms during the day and are heated with low emission wood burning stoves (In 2008, Ecocamp became a Carbon Neutral company). Other sustainable features at EcoCamp are composting toilets, solar panels and recycling spaces. Metal, glass, and paper are separated and all organic waste is donated to a local pig farm. 
EcoCamp is proud to accept this recognition along with 33 other Chilean hotels dedicated to sustainable tourism. 

Ecocamp Patagonia Política Ambiental (Spanish)