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EcoCamp TripAdvisor GreenLeaders Platinum level certified!

EcoCamp is proud to have received the prestigious Greenleaders certification. The first Geodesic Hotel in the world is also the first in Chilean Patagonia to be rewarded for our commitment to sustainability with the Platinum level - the highest level of distinction. The Greenleaders program rewards hotels who are committed to environmentally friendly tourism.

"Congratulations on achieving platinum! Your property is the 3rd property in Chile to achieve the platinum level. There are 8 properties in Argentina listed at the platinum level. You're currently the only GreenLeader property in your area!" Ryan Dillon, LEED Green Assoc.

Amongst our green practises TripAdvisor highlighted our production of clean energy; training of staff in eco-tourism practises; separation and recycling of waste and our support of local economy and community. Since its creation in the early 2000s, EcoCamp Patagonia has become a leader in Ecotourism and our team constantly works to improve the sustainability of the hotel. As well as reducing our CO2 emissions with photovoltaic panels and a micro-hydro turbine, we have composting toilets and the design of our hotel serves to create as little impact on the local ecosystem as possible. The renewable energies have been overhauled during the biggest revamp in the history of EcoCamp!

We are happy to introduce our guests to our green ethos when they come to EcoCamp.

We tell them as they reach Torres del Paine National Park that everyone can make a difference and contribute to making the area a better place! Reusing, recycling and optimizing the natural resources (such as natural light and the use of local products) are some of the tips that can improve the experience of travelling in an environmentally responsible way.

We are proud to work with the local community in Puerto Natales to offer as many locally sourced and organic products as possible to our guests. We are supporters of local organizations – such as Torres del Paine Legacy Fund – to enhance the long-term health of Torres del Paine and its surroundings with sustainability focused projects.

Hot water, solar energy...the sun helps a lot in Patagonia!

Rosa, one of the local farmers that provides EcoCamp with tasty and organic products

Check the green practices that made us win the reward through our TripAdvisor Page: