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EcoCamp becomes an official supporter of the Zeitz Foundation's Long Run Initiative!

We're very proud to announce that we are the latest official supporter of the Long Run! The Long Run is an initiative designed to support responsible and sustainable projects around the world and is the flagship initiative of the Zeitz Foundation, a non-profit organisation working to promote the 4C’s of sustainability - Conservation, Culture, Community & Commerce. 

Long Run supporters such as EcoCamp share the Zeitz Foundation’s philosophy and endeavour to uphold the Long Run charter in every aspect of their business, prioritising the 4Cs to keep the future for The Long Run. 

We've pledged to join a shared philosophy using foresight not fear and creating optimism not fatalism as well as committing to crucial actions relating to the 4Cs and our active engagement with them, always maintaining a fair (balanced), honest (sincere), positive (constructive) and creative (innovative) attitude to promoting sustainable lifestyles.

We are the first Long Run supporter in Chile and in Patagonia and join a selection of sustainable companies from across the world, from the U.S to Kenya to Nepal. See our Long Run profile. Also check out our sustainability efforts in detail.


The Long Run Charter

The Long Run is an approach to living aimed at promoting more sustainable lifestyle choices 

  • It’s about seeing, thinking and acting beyond today
  • It’s straightforward
  • It’s rational
  • It’s passionate
  • It’s inclusive

Building a sustainable future for The Long Run

We are at a crossroads and the outcome of the decisions we make today will determine not only our future but also that of generations to come. Tomorrow depends on us finding new ways to translate our passions into meaningful, sustainable connections with the world around us.

Jochen Zeitz, Founder and Chairman, Zeitz Foundation fecha.

  • Joining a shared philosophy
  • Using foresight, not fear
  • To create optimism, not fatalism
By signing The Long Run Charter EcoCamp Patagonia becomes a Long Run Supporter and pledge to abide by The Long Run philosophy, joining others who:
  • understand that all things on Earth are interconnected; 
  • address the extraordinary environmental, social and economic challenges of our time;
  • recognise that the leaders of tomorrow will be those who confront these challenges today;
  • do not allow themselves to see the future as a threat;
  • believe that the best way to guarantee a better future is to create it;
  • do everything in their power to make the pursuit of sustainable solutions a fundamental part of their day-to-day operations and ways of life;
  • believe that sustainability is our future and can only happen if we all contribute to the changes needed - each and every individual and institution playing their part to improve the way we think and act;
  • understand that incremental change may need to be replaced by fundamental and transformational change - a sea change - a paradigm shift in the way we live and in the way we operate our businesses; and
  • enable new and innovative ideas and actions to flourish.

Committing to crucial actions

Our world is a complex and dynamic system of interdependencies, requiring a constant rebalancing of the forces upon which we depend - conservation, culture, communities, and commerce. The key to sustainability in The Long Run lies in ensuring holistic, committed effort in all these four areas. 

We refer to these areas for active engagement as the 4Cs: 

  • Conservation: Biodiversity is life. Conservation is safeguarding this biodiversity and the integrity of the ecosystem services it provides which support global needs.
  • Community: People matter; it is the right of every person to have their basic needs met and enhancing the well-being of communities is a fundamental obligation of all. 
  • Culture: Our world is culturally diverse. Celebrating commonality is what nurtures understanding. Respecting difference is crucial to our future. Our ability to innovate and evolve is what makes us uniquely human. Drawing on our uniqueness we enrich each other and contribute to a greater common good. 
  • Commerce: Trading and the accumulation of wealth have been central to the development of civilizations over thousands of years and are likely to remain so. Uncontrolled, this commerce has had negative impacts, but conducted in a more holistic and sustainable way, it can be a positive contributor to The Long Run. 

Sharing values at the heart and soul of The Long Run 

Taking action in the 4Cs areas must be underpinned by a simple, yet robust set of shared principles that we call the 4keys: Fair, Honest, Positive and Creative. 
Fair means balanced …
  • listening to all sides
  • resisting the pressures that can push us to extremes 
  • listening as much as we talk, and 
  • giving back as much as we take
Honest means sincere … 
  • never faking it
  • walking the walk as we talk the talk - practicing what we preach
  • putting our money, energy and time where  our mouth is
  • admitting our mistakes and owning up to our responsibilities
Positive means constructive …
  • building things and people up, rather than breaking them down
  • working for solutions rather than criticizing or complaining
  • supporting others when they try, encouraging them when they fail, and 
  • celebrating with them when they succeed
  • use “We can”, more often than “We can’t”
Creative means innovative …
  • thinking outside the box
  • finding ways around problems
  • not stopping when we encounter obstacles
  • looking at new ways, listening to new ideas and trying new strategies