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EcoCamp’s Micro Safari - Small is Beautiful!

This season EcoCamp Patagonia is introducing a new Micro Safari, inviting guests to learn more about the park’s flora and fauna on EcoCamp’s doorstep. The self-guided educative trail is a micro exploration of the diverse vegetation and fauna, designed for observing the variety of plant species surrounding the domes and taking photo close-ups. This mini activity is ideal for guests participating in EcoCamp’s Patagonian Wildlife Safari who are looking for an activity upon arrival or a relaxing break one morning or afternoon.

EcoCamp’s Wildlife Safari has been operating for many years now and its popularity as a specialist, flexible wildlife tour continues to grow. This unique multi-day trip created by EcoCamp takes guests through Torres del Paine’s exquisite flora and fauna on easy or active trips, depending on the guest’s preference. Easy excursions include trips to Blue Lagoon, Condor viewpoint, sailing to Grey Glacier, walking along the Fauna Trail and the Botanical Safari Trail, while active excursions include hiking the Pingo Trail, French Valley and the Towers.

In Torres del Paine there are 15 species of mammals and the most commonly seen are the guanaco (Lama Guanicoe), the Chilla and Culpeo foxes and the Patgonian skunk. The huemul (Andean deer) and the puma (cougar) are less often sighted. Birdlife is abundant, with over 115 species recorded including the blackbird, coot, dotterel, duck, finch, goose, grebe, hawk, sparrow, swan, teal, woodpecker, wren and the Andean condor with its wingspan of up to 3.2 metres. The vegetation of the pampa mainly consists of shrubs like the edible Calafate, and smaller spikier bushes. Bunch grasses, housing small delicate flowers and fragile plants, also cover the land while dense lenga forests line the park’s gorges.

Guests on the Patagonian Safari relax at EcoCamp Patagonia in the evenings, enjoying delicious food and wine in Community Domes before falling asleep gazing up at star-filled night skies in their cozy sleeping dome quarters. Guests can choose between Standard domes with shared bathrooms or Suite Domes which come equipped with a low-emission wood stove and private bathroom.