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Solar Water Heating System in full swing at EcoCamp

EcoCamp’s shared bathrooms (for guests in Standard Domes) now have their shower water heated by a solar water heating system, in a further step towards EcoCamp becoming 100% environmentally sustainable without the use of any fossil fuels whatsoever. The pilot scheme was launched in December and is now in full swing with water initially heated by the solar panels (no electricity) only requiring a minimal temperature ‘top up’ by a gas heater. Due to this new solar installation the use of propane gas for shower water heating has been reduced by at least 60% in EcoCamp’s shared bathrooms. 
EcoCamp has used photovoltaic panels since its construction in 2000 and solar energy provides approximately 40% of EcoCamp’s daily energy. The remaining 60% of energy comes from a micro hydro turbine powered by a nearby river. These two sources of renewable energy generate all of EcoCamp’s electricity, used to power the refrigerators, lighting and electrical appliances.
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