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Travelers' Tales: Our guests' stories, straight from the wilds of Torres del Paine

Ecocamp Patagonia is launching a brand new documentary video series, "EcoCamp Travelers' Tales". Working directly with our guests, four upcoming videos aim to describe the opportunity EcoCamp travelers have to forge a more in-depth connection with nature (and often themselves) in Torres del Paine.

Communications Manager, Stefan Urlaub, highlights the importance of storytelling for Experiential Travel companies and the transformational ability of EcoCamp Patagonia trips:

"I'm passionate about storytelling and love helping others make the first step to transform their lives for the better and ultimately change the world. I believe our guests don’t want to grasp every single detail of their trip in advance, rather, they wish to be told a story instead of studying trip itineraries like cheat sheets. We want our guests to be travelers rather than tourists, and get together with like-minded people in harmony with nature."

Timothy Dhalleine, Guest Engagement Manager, and Producer of our "EcoCamp Travelers' Tales" documentary video series continues:

"It really is a privilege to make a film in such a beautiful destination as Torres del Paine. Living there the entire season gives us access to places off-limits to others; though this also comes with responsibilities. We encourage all of our guests to give back into the community that has embraced them. It’s good to know that we not only tell stories that will entertain and enlighten, but that can also have a positive impact on the communities and regions we visit!"

​Cascada and EcoCamp are pushing the boundaries of Experiential Travel by providing powerful, emotional, and ultimately transformational experiences. Our adventure tours offer travelers the opportunity to truly understand and connect with the people and places they visit. Watch the video trailer featuring highlights of our authentic EcoCamp travelers stories:



While encompassing only a few of EcoCamp's guests, this video shows what we have learned over the years in Torres del Paine. The lesson? That our cultural differences come to naught when we experience connections with others - even feeling a little small - in the grandness of nature.

Why do we travel?

A question pondered by many. It can strike pre-trip; while driving, swinging listlessly on desk chairs, or flicking through flight deals. It hits us mid-trip; from hotel rooms, above a foreign dish, or while squeezed into the narrow seats of long-distance buses. It tickles us post-trip; while organizing photos, telling stories, or watching tan lines fade.

Why? Why do I want to leave?

Further afield than the wish to experience a cosy room, new food, and foreign sights, at its heart travel serves to change and guide us along our life's path. Each of us is on a journey - even if it currently takes place from the confines of an office - and face challenges along the road. Some of us are dealing with loss or a tough decision, and others with patience, presence, or focus. While these challenges must be spoken to, finding time to dedicate to them seems an impossible task while wrapped up in the repetitive normalcy of routine.

"The grandness, the immense size makes you feel very small."

Places like Torres del Paine - large and untamed, with ancient landscapes indifferent to the trials of human life - act both as backdrops and protagonists to our growth.

At EcoCamp, our guests tell us how they have changed while in Torres del Paine. Frequently, this change is due to a new connection found within the foothills of the national park or along a condor's path as glimpsed from the ground below. Our guests speak of learning to relax once again, rediscovering goals, bonding again with their partner, the experience of childlike joy, and the realization of just how small we are on Earth.

We are truly honored to form a part of our guests' stories and growth as they experience Torres del Paine with us.

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