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Tripadvisor lists EcoCamp in 10 Incredibly Unique Hotels list

EcoCamp has been listed at number 1 in Tripadvisor’s list of 10 incredible unique hotels! As the first geodesic dome hotel in the world (VIDEO), EcoCamp has long since been considered unique within the hotel industry and is thrilled to be officially recognised by Tripadvisor as one of the world’s Top 10 most unique hotels! 
Together with a salt palace in Bolivia, EcoCamp is the only South American entry to make the list, which features properties from Japan to the U.S. and the Sweeden.
Tripadvisor cites a review left by a very happy Bostonite photographer who described EcoCamp as “Rugged luxury like you couldn't imagine”. Read her review here:
“Arriving at Eco Camp was an experience I hope I never forget. I was almost crying I was so happy. I couldn't believe how perfect the location was or how amazing the domes, themselves, were. If I had my dream home, it would look like one of those domes. Pato, the manager, was right there as the bus pulled up to welcome everyone in with a huge smile and lots of help. Pato seemed to already know our names and our domes before we even stepped off the bus. He truly made everyone feel so welcome and his helpfulness lasted all week. 
The domes were AMAZING!! Those are the most comfortable beds I have ever slept in! The domes were cozy and the perfect size. I loved listening to the rain and the wind outside as I lay perfectly dry and warm in my little nest.
The bathrooms were just fine. There were A LOT of women using one I was impressed with everything they tried to do to maintain sustainability in spite of feminine vanity!
The main eco domes/dining areas are truly out of this world. The bar? The food? The COCKTAIL HOUR!?!?!?! I could NOT have been more impressed with every little thing. Again, the service was five star...and in that setting!?!? Our servers worked as a team, having fun, but so super polite and helpful. And, as always, Pato was always there to organize his staff and keep everything running, truly, like a five star hotel. Does he sleep? He was always there and always had the answers or the help. 
Torres Del Paine (or Torres Del Pan (towers of bread!) as I accidentally called it! ) was INSANE!!! As a photographer, I was in heaven. More than once, I would turn a corner or come over a ledge and I couldn't fight back the tears. I have never imagined more beauty, more power, or more grandeur. Truly the most beautiful place on earth. 
GO HERE!!!!!!!!”
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