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Which time of year best suits your Patagonian adventure?

Deciding which month to book your Torres del Paine visit can be tricky. Do you want to go for the peak of summer to maximise sunshine hours, or do you want to brave the lower temperatures to ensure a little more tranquility and fauna sightings?

EcoCamp Patagonia gives you the calendar rundown:

Max tempMin tempAvg
Wind highsHours
Jansummer20°C / 68°F8°C / 46°F75mm / 2.95in107km/h / 66mph16High Season
Febsummer19°C / 66°F7°C / 45°F65mm / 2.56in72km/h / 45mph14High Season
Marsummer17°C / 62°F6°C / 43°F60mm / 2.36in74km/h / 46mph13High Season
Aprautumn13°C / 55°F3°C / 37°F80mm / 3.15in74km/h / 46mph1130% Discount
Mayautumn9°C / 48°F0°C / 32°F65mm / 2.56in111km/h / 69mph9EcoCamp closed
Junautumn5°C / 41°F-3°C / 27°F70mm / 2.76in91km/h / 57mph8EcoCamp closed
Julwinter5°C / 41°F-3°C / 27°F50mm / 1.97in72km/h / 45mph8EcoCamp closed
Augwinter8°C / 46°F-1°C / 30°F45mm / 1.77in72km/h / 45mph10EcoCamp closed
Sepwinter10°C / 50°F0°C / 32°F40mm / 1.57in107km/h / 66mph1230% Discount
Octspring14°C / 57°F3°C / 37°F45mm / 1.77in104km/h / 65mph1430% Discount
Novspring17°C / 63°F5°C / 41°F65mm / 2.56in69km/h / 43mph16High Season
Decspring18°C / 64°F7°C / 45°F45mm / 1.77in83km/h / 52mph17High Season

Conclusion: Whatever the month, come prepared for four seasons at the same time! Despite our calculated chart showing temperature, wind and rainfall averages, in Patagonia anything goes! Rainfall is actually lower at EcoCamp than the average stated due to rain coming in from the west and dying down as it moves towards the Andes mountains in the east, passing by EcoCamp. Also, up in the mountains it’s a lot colder and windier than down at EcoCamp, in your snug eco dome. In one day, be it January or September, it can rain sleet, snow and shine all within a day’s trek. So embrace it all, bring layers and hope for a sighting of that puma!

Prefer to base your tour booking decision on solid figures? Want to escape the winter gloom in the northern hemisphere? Stick with the sunlight facts and choose your departure date by comparing Torres del Paine's hours of sunlight with your current location:

The example doesn't fit with your latitude? Check out the the Daylight Hours Explorer

Or contact our Chilean travel experts by emailing and we'll get back to you with climate questions! 

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In case you need more data to help you decide!

We’ve laid out all the relevant trip-planning facts month by month in the following table. Check out the meteorological facts, what activities you can do, and what clothes to bring for each month before you decide when to visit.

When is the best time to visit Torres del Paine?