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Is it possible to eat gluten free in Torres del Paine? You bet!

While many can eat freely, there’s a growing group of travelers whose interactions with food while on the road is not so easy. Sometimes described as an endemic, large numbers of celiacs and sufferers of gluten or lactose intolerance - a community now estimated to be anywhere from 6 to 50% of the population, depending on symptoms and severity - are challenged to find wholesome options while traveling. (To cater to this market, some travel writers have created resources for the celiac community, such as Legal Nomad's gluten free travel guides.)

Delicious, nutritious - and gluten free!

Travelers to Torres del Paine come ready to experience nature; a noble goal requiring the fuel and energy provided by high-quality, wholesome food. At EcoCamp, we’ve always been proud of our menu and its reflection of our company's vision for tourism: simple, elegant, and created using organic, locally-sourced ingredients. However, as more and more guests with special dietary requirements reached our Patagonian home, we began to notice that our menu would need to change.

Our commitment to providing delicious menu options for these guests was further consolidated after one of EcoCamp's owners tested positive for gluten intolerance. Since his diagnosis, co-founder Javier Lopez has joined the community of foodie travelers for whom mealtime can be an uncomfortable, not to mention risky, business.

To continue to provide the best Patagonia experience for all our guests, we are proud to have Torres del Paine's first restaurant catering for visitors with celiac disease, gluten, and lactose intolerance.

As with our entire menu, these menu options adhere to our philosophy for sustainability in tourism. Fresh, organic produce is sourced locally from small-scale, artisanal suppliers whose commitment to protecting Patagonia's fragile environment matches our own. Working this way allows us to lower our restaurant's food miles while providing high-quality, seasonal dishes to all our guests.

Straight from the EcoCamp kitchen

  • Chupe de Centolla Magellánica: a delicious king crab dish, undoubtedly a classic in Patagonia.
  • Guiso de cordero: if you fancy fresh, melting Patagonian meat, you should try warming lamb stew.
  • Plateada: One of Chile’s most popular dishes, this tender and flavorful corned beef brisket hits the spot.