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The Paine Massif is a striking mountain group with magnificent peaks crowning the park’s heartland. Los Cuernos del Paine (Paine Horns) sit in front of of Lake Nordenskjold and are easily identifiable with their dark sedimentary rock atop lighter granite, dominating the view from the southern sector of the park.
The major mountains are:
  • Cerro Paine Grande (Big Paine Mountain) 3,050m
  • Cerro Paine Chico/Almirante Nieto  (Small Paine Mountain) 2,650m
  • Torres del Paine (the Towers) - South Tower 2,500m, Central Tower 2460m & North Tower 2260m
  • Cerro Fortaleza (Fort Hill) 3,000m
  • Cerro Catedral (Cathedral Hill) 2,220m
  • Cerro Negro and Los Mezillos (Black Hill and the Twins) 2450m
  • Cerro Escudo (Shield Hill) 2,700m
  • Cuernos del Paine (Paine Horns) - Central 2600m, North 2400m, East 2400m