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Weather and climate

The vast unbroken stretch of ocean to the west and south of the South American continent leaves the Patagonian Andes very exposed to the saturated winds that circle the Antarctic landmass. Also, the influence from the strong marine currents and Southern Patagonian Ice field make the weather hard to predict.
However, there are some general trends depending on the season as shown here: 


  • Months: mid-late September, October, November
  • Weather: warm during the day but can still be chilly, strong winds, cold nights, strong possibility of rain (especially in September)
  • Avg. Temperatures: lows in the 30s °F (around 5 °C) / Highs in the 60s °F (around 15 °C)
  • Rain: strong possibility. Especially in September
  • Daylight: between 12 and 17 hours depending on the month


  • Months: December, January, February and early March
  • Weather: warm days, cool but not cold nights, strongest winds, possibility of rain
  • Avg. Temperatures: Lows in the 30s °F (around 7 °C) / Highs in the 60s °F (around 18 °C)
  • Rain: avg rainfall is 2.36 - 2.95 inches
  • Daylight: between 13 and 17 hours depending on the month


  • Months: late March, April & May
  • Weather: cool days, night starting to get cold, possibility of rain, possibility of snow later in season
  • Avg. Temperatures: low in the 20s °F (around 2 °C) / Highs in the 40s °F (around 8 °C)
  • Rain: strong possibility. Especially later in season 
  • Daylight: between 8 and 11 hours depending on the month


  • Months: June, July, August, early September
  • Weather: cold, low temperatures, milder winds, possibility of snowstorms and low visibility
  • Avg. Temperatures: lows in the 20s °F (around -1 °C) / Highs in the 40s °F (around 6 °C)
  • Rain: snow, ice and precipitation very likely 
  • Daylight: between 8 and 12 hours depending on the month​
Rest assured, however, that just as quickly as the weather turns nasty, it can become pleasantly warm. Night-time temperatures will most likely range from –1°C to -5°C (30s and 40s ºF) depending on the season.

For more information about each season's temperatures, crowds, hours of daylight, what the landscape will look like, please follow this secure link to the website of our partner company, Cascada Expediciones