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For the past ten years, EcoCamp & Cascada Expediciones have been proud to be Carbon Neutral companies, minimizing the CO2 emissions as much as possible to reduce our eco-footprint.  In ten years, we have neutralized 7.5 million pounds of greenhouse gases through this program, supporting critical forest conservation, energy efficiency technology development and renewable energy projects.  This program has had the equivalent effect of planting over 88,000 tree seedlings and allowing those trees to grow for ten years and absorb carbon dioxide.

But our dedication to becoming a zero-emissions hotel extends well beyond this certification. In addition to using renewable energy in the form of solar and hydraulic power, we purchase all our food from nearby farm suppliers and greenhouses, thereby reducing delivery time. Furthermore, all of our handicrafts, decor, and most of our furniture is also locally sourced from artisans, also cutting down on CO2 emissions from delivery.