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EcoCamp's domes are revolutionary in their design and eco-friendly mission, representing the future of sustainable tourism accommodations, as well as Patagonia's past with its homage to the Kaweskar's "leave no trace" lifestyle.

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All the domes are covered in an outer canvas layer with thick cushioning inside, protecting the dome from Patagonia's notoriously fierce winds and insulating it during the day and night, keeping it alternatively cool and warm. The green color of the canvas allows the domes to blend harmoniously into the environment, adding rather than detracting from the surroundings. But best of all, the domes are built with large windows and skylights that allow for stargazing and being able to appreciate views of the Patagonian wilderness from the comfort of the dome.
All domes are also built on raised wooden platforms, requiring little to no excavation or foundations, which means that the local flora and fauna are not disturbed. Wooden walkways connect all the domes for the same purpose.
This easy and portable design ensures that EcoCamp does no harm to the environment and can relocate without leaving a trace - as was proven in 2005 when EcoCamp moved to Estancia Cerro Paine at the foot of the Towers without leaving a trace behind.
The Evolution of the EcoCamp Patagonia Standard Domes:
    2000-2004                                                       2005-2007                                                            now
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