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All domes have semi-spherical structures which minimise external surface area and temperature exchange through walls as well as giving maximum internal space and ensuring a uniform distribution of wind stress. Dome exteriors are green and of limited height so they blend harmoniously into the natural environment. All walls have an outer canvas layer and thick insulation cushion, ensuring warmth and protection from strong winds. Skylight windows allow guests to follow natural light patterns, star gaze at night, and utilise natural heat and light resources.

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Minimal excavation and raised open platforms minimises the foundations of EcoCamp and means local fauna is not disrupted but can freely roam around on the ground. At night we light the walkways very subtly so as not to disturb animals.
The portable design of EcoCamp ensures it does no harm to the environment and can relocate without leaving a trace - as was proven in 2005 when EcoCamp moved to Estancia Cerro Paine at the foot of the Towers without leaving a trace.
The Evolution of the EcoCamp Patagonia Standard Domes:
    2000-2004                                                       2005-2007                                                            now
EcoCamp Patagonia Domes