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Design Premise

The Design of EcoCamp

Patagonia - KaweskarsEcoCamp’s domes were inspired by and are a tribute to The Kaweskars (Alacalufes), a nomadic Patagonian tribe who would travel around Patagonia either by walking or via canoe, constructing domed dwellings of sticks and furs wherever they moved. These dwellings, although simple, were highly sustainable as nothing needed to be permanently constructed, and items such as sticks could be returned to nature when the tribe moved on, thus creating a "Leave No Trace" lifestyle that we at EcoCamp follow to the fullest. 
Our premise from the start has been to provide a comfortable, glamping experience that is fully sustainable and does not have any harmful or detrimental effects on the native flora, fauna, and environment. We hold the comfort and enjoyment of our guests in equal value with our sustainable mission.