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MyTrip 2012/13

Hola Amigo (Dear Fellow Traveller),

Corinne NanzerVictor Cordero

¿Cómo estás? (How are you doing?) ¿Ya olvidaste hablar español? (Already forgotten all your Spanish?)

Here at EcoCamp Patagonia we miss you! Stay tuned in with your trip guide and send them your kudos! ...Stay wild, stay hungry, stay adventurous, stay tuned in to the EcoCamp community...most importantly stay Eco! ...and why not meet up again in Patagonia?

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Take a look at our 2012/13 top photo selections:

Best wishes from the whole EcoCamp and Cascada Expediciones Team!

Victor Cordero & Anne Geiger

Your EcoCamp Patagonia Hosts Team 2012/13

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My EcoCamp Patagonia Trip photo galleries:

Patagonia-Torres-del-Paine-9-Day-Circuit EcoCamp-Patagonia-Wildlife-Safari
Patagonia-Torres-del-Paine-7-Day-W-Trek Patagonia-Torres-del-Paine-5-Day-Short-W-Trek
Rare Puma Spotted on Patagonia Wildlife Safari!
Puma sightings - 2012/13 season

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