Team Highlights 2015 » EcoCamp Patagonia

Team Highlights 2015

20 EcoCamp Patagonia team highlights : what we loved most during the 2014/15 season

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1. See EcoCamp Patagonia for the first time

Who would forget the first contact with the geodesic hotel and its surroundings? An amazing way to enter the remoteness of Patagonia!

2. Take part in the first hikes of the heart of winter!

Exploring the snow-covered landscapes on a Patagonia Wildlife Safari in September is a must-do!

3. Get to know each other over a delicious Chilean barbecue

Even better when it takes place at Laguna Azul, on of the most beautiful places in Torres del Paine National Park!

4. Feel like a Patagonian cowboy: go horse riding with gauchos!

Just in case you don't know what to do on your free time, horse riding in Patagonia will not disappoint you!

5. Support the Patagonian International Marathon runners

This season, 2 of our guests stood on the podium. We'll make sure not to miss this great event next September! 

6. Ease our mind and body on a Patagonia Yoga Class with our friends

Ecocamp is an ideal retreat to practice yoga and connect with the magnificent Patagonian landscapes. Guests can book a private Yoga class!

7. Spend some good time with the guests

There's no better way to socialize than sharing a tasty Pisco Sour in our community domes!

8. Gaze at the star filled sky

EcoCamp will make you a real astronomer (depending on the weather conditions)!

9. Enjoy the appetizer on the EcoCamp terrace

Our team will never miss an opportunity to get in touch with the guests outside the EcoCamp Community Domes on a sunny day!

10. Spend Christmas with the EcoCamp family!

You can't imagine how much fun it is to spend Xmas in the 8th wonder of the world!

11. Become a musician: join the "EcoBand"! 

At EcoCamp, anyone can be a musician, from the guides to the kitchen staff. Congratulate your favorite Eco-musicians in our Facebook page!

12. End up the year in the end of the world

Nicely end up the year with a spectacular new year's eve in good company...

13. Spot the puma for the first time

Our team knows the emotion to se this elusive animal in its natural environment...If you want to make sure to see it, you can still opt for a Puma Tracking

14. Get rewarded for the good work

EcoCamp rewards the EcoWorker (monthly Best Worker) and EcoSupervisor (monthly Best Supervisor) for their efforts during the season!

15. Witness the breathtaking Torres del Paine sunrise

Reception dome

The magic Torres del Paine sunrise behind our brand new EcoCamp reception dome, which opened in October 2014...

16. Challenge yourself: take part in the team's activities

Apart from being fun, these activities allow our team to improve the wellbeing of the place. Activities include collection of waste on the trails, improvement of the staff area, outdoors games, etc.

17. Get to know the management team

Most of  them are based in Puerto Natales; all of them are friendly and a valuable asset to the company!

18. Fancy the uniqueness of EcoCamp Patagonia cuisine

No right to miss the unique taste of the EcoCamp Patagonia Cuisine thanks to our Chef de cuisine and his team!

19. Support our friends on Trail Adventure Chile

All of the team members went on the podium on the 2015 edition of this outstanding event. Read the full story!

20. Gather for a memorable dinner in the Community Domes...

...and realize time flies so fast in Patagonia. The season already came to its end!

21. ...and say good bye to THEM!

They were our colleagues, they are our friends. We'll miss each other, for sure! See you again on the 11th of September...

What was your EcoCamp highlight?