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W Trek 7 day MyTrip

Hola W trekkers!
Congratulations on having taken part in EcoCamp's Full W trek, one of the world's most famous trekking routes, you did it! We now have the pleasure of welcoming you to the 7 day W trek alumni club!
We're sure you had an incredible time with your group and are keen to share photos so we thought we'd help you out with some starter photos! You can also browse photos of other W groups throughout the season to see how their action compares!
Any photos from your trip you'd like to see added to the 7 day W Trek gallery just send tag us in facebook @EcoCampPatagonia and incorporate the hashtag #WTrek and we'll add them!
7 day W Trek club
PS: Share your photos with us in twitter or Instagram

If facebook's not your thing then drop us a line and send us your best snaps to upload so the rest of the group can see them!

Enjoy re-living your full W Trek adventure with EcoCamp!