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At EcoCamp we are on our way to creating a unique network of like-minded Adventurers, game changers, and interesting individuals within the sustainable travel community. We are ourselves pioneers in this industry, and we want to connect to and with others from around the world.

Our Ambassadors are sources of inspiration and knowledge for our guests - each an expert in their own field. EcoCamp Patagonia is not merely a holiday destination or somewhere to escape from the rest of the world. Our trips inspire and motivate guests to increase their engagement with nature and perhaps to slow down in their lives, giving themselves time to appreciate more what is going on around them. In short, EcoCamp Patagonia challenges its guests to an experience. Like us, our Ambassadors are people who live their lives to extremes, constantly challenging themselves to experience more - it is not necessarily about achievement - but experience.

  • Alexander Verbeek, Strategic Policy Advisor, Netherlands

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Alexander is a Strategic Policy Advisor on Global Issues at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, and as of February 2016, a proud member of the EcoCamp Ambassador Crew. Alexander’s commitment to a more sustainable world could not be stronger.  Read More

  • Our Open Road, Full-time travelers, USA

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What started as a dream and developed into a 12-month plan is now life on the road. Adam, Emily, and Colette Harteau departed California in October 2012 in their VW Westfalia, with the goal of reaching Tierra del Fuego and returning a year later. Five months in, they decided to embrace a future unknown and the rewards of slow travel.  They are blissfully enjoying life on the slow road, with no end in sight. Read More

  • Ramón Navarro, Surfer, Chile

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Ramón Navarro is a big-waves surfer well-known in Chile for his performance, big heart, and love for nature. His passion for surfing started when he was 12 years old when he used to watch surfers playing in the giant waves of the Chilean coast. His parents used to keep telling him the importance of studying, as they couldn’t believe he would make a living surfing. However his life suddenly changed when he received the support of sponsors. Read More

  • Amyr Klink, Explorer and Sailor, Brazil

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Amyr Khan Klink was born on September 25th, 1955, in the city of São Paulo, Brazi. At the age of ten, Amyr bought his first canoe, in Paraty – Max – this purchase was the beginning of a collection that would exceed 30 vessels. Read More

  • Laura Lisowski, Runner, Great Britain

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A finance sales executive by day, Laura Lisowki is a passionate marathon runner in her free time and never stops exploring the world. In 2016, she ran the Patagonian International Marathon in Torres del Paine and took part in a Wildlife Safari at EcoCamp. Her never-tired legs allowed her to hike along the most famous trails of Torres del Paine (Chile) and Los Glaciares (Argentina) National Park! Read More

  • Zaria Forman, Landscape Drawer | Climate Change Artist, USA

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There are many ways to raise awareness about climate change and its effects on the planet. Visual artist Zaria Forman’s way is through her drawings. Read More

  • Boraj, Folk | Post-Rock Band, Chile

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“We are forests, voices, humans, and especially animals. We get together because the music is strong, and it’s the energy to travel. That we are also, just like you: travelers.” This is how the Chilean band, Boraj, describes themselves. Read More

Do you think you could be a perfect EcoCamp Ambassador? Do you have a strong social media presence or an established network of people interested in adventure travel and sustainable tourism? Why not send us an email - we can get to know each other and see how we can help one another!

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