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What travellers say about Cascada tours and our EcoCamp Patagonia. If you've been on one of our tours, send us your feedback. Read more from other Cascada Expediciones Testimonials...

Marti Conner, Comentário de cliente na nossa página, 6 de Janeiro 2016
"Ecocamp excedeu todas as expectativas. A equipe foi muito mais do que apenas uma 'equipe.' Eles foram amigos e família durante minhas 5 noites de estadia. Atividades, acomodações, serviço: Tudo foi perfeito e memorável. "
Guest Stay: Jan 06, 2016

Melissa C., USA (EcoCamp Patagonia Wildlife Safari)

My boyfriend and I were both extremely impressed with our experience at Ecocamp from start to finish. We did the multi-sport itinerary and our amazing guide, Henry, was so knowledgable about the history, science, flora&fauna of the area - we had a really great time with him.
We stayed in a suite dome - I highly recommend this if you can book one. It was spacious and the beds were comfortable. Bathroom was very eco-friendly with a composting toilet! Also loved the woodstove fireplace.
Food was surprisingly good. I expected buffet style dining but dinner was a 3 course meal with a rotating menu and wine included. I also really enjoyed the boxed lunch spread - a nice variety.
I also love the fact they do not have wi-fi here. Being offline lets you further appreciate the beautiful surroundings and fully immerse yourself with the activities and fellow travelers!
Overall, the organization, logistics and quality of service are impeccable at Ecocamp. Thank you for making our trip to Patagonia unforgettable!

Room Tip: Go for a suite dome. It's worth it.

Guest Stay: Jan 06, 2016

Edward Sheftel, USA (W Trek Singles Special)

Cascada simply did an amazing job! The guide, Roberto was fantastic. The other 3 participants from England and Norway were  great company. The eco camp was beautiful, inviting and very comfortable. The food, amazing and the bottle of wine nightly...superb...The hikes were not as difficult as I had expected or trained for, but nevertheless, very very enjoyable.

I have been to 64 countries and love adventure trips. This trip is simply, at the top of my list. My overall experience was, exceptional. I definitely look forward to going on another Casada trip.

Guest Stay: Dec 09, 2015

Adam P, CANADA (9 Day Torres del Paine Circuit)

I had signed up for the full Torres Del Paine circuit with UK based KE Adventures and our 1st night and last 2 nights were spent at the Ecocamp. When you are embarking on a rigorous hike, you want to get off to a good start and from a psychological perspective, this was the best possible place to start from. Although it is in the middle of nowhere, it was a real luxury experience. The camp consists of multiple domes – small ones for sleeping accommodation, a large one for shared toilets and showers (if sleeping in a standard dome), and two to three large interconnected ones for dining, drinking and general recreation. I was in a standard dome and was fine with the shared facilities. It does get super-hot during the day so you might need to prop the door open until the sun goes down. The bed was extremely comfortable and I slept like a log. Dinner had to be ordered in advance and consisted of three courses. The food was absolutely phenomenal and on our package, the wine was included. I would stick to cabernet sauvignon and carménère mind. The Chileans have Malbec but the Argentinians do it best. For box lunches, they put out a variety of breads, cheeses, cold cuts and dressings, and you make your own. The recreational area is full of very comfortable sofas that you just sink into, particularly after imbibing, and the atmosphere is conducive to sing songs. The staff are incredibly friendly. Adrianne did a great job looking after people at meal times and her husband Christian graciously let members of our group use the spare computer in the Admin dome when not in use by the staff. This was an absolutely terrific place to stay.

Guest Stay: Dec 08, 2015

David Callahan, CANADA (5 day Torres del Paine Short W Trek)

Mucho gracias. It was stunning, beyond my expectations. Your company is beyond belief. I love you.
Your driver met me at the airport - a nicer person I have not seen. Then the trek - wow!!!!!!!!! We had a GREAT GROUP - Eduardo (leader) was phenomenal.
The food..super - I gained 10 kg's.
I have now set foot on all the continents this world offers (my trip included Antarctica) .......Chile and Patagonia are special.
I am a bit of a ass - I photograph...for a 1 month visit I took 8000 yes 8000 slides (not digital I shoot slides - 40 kg of camera stuff).....I shot over 1000 frames in 1 day at Torres.

Yes you can use this for promotion.....please, please, please DO NOT CHANGE A is perfect

all was perfect

safe and home in Canada

Gracias ...... wow I love Chile


Guest Stay: Dec 07, 2015

Mark Loane, Australia (Paine Circuit & Tierra del Fuego)
We all have no doubt that your company Cascada is No 1. Thanks for your extraordinary patience and attention to detail. Thanks for the restaurant bookings. Thanks for the Tierra del Fuego trip. Hard to organize,easy to get wrong,done perfectly well. An especial thank you for the the whole Torres section. The zodiac cruise up to Torres was a must do. The lunch at the end excellent.
We all thought that the Ecocamp was the pick of the places to stay in the Torres...The Circuit was excellent. Cascada were a million miles ahead of everyone else. Your food was far far better than the Refugios. Your guides were world class. Safe and effective. I can not speak too highly of Cascada and your efforts. Once again Lorena thank you for your skills and your organization.
Lorena & the team receive flowers from Mark and his group of 11!
Guest Stay: Mar 06, 2013

Georgina Hutber, UK (Atacama Desert 7 Day Trek, 9 day Paine Circuit, Tierra del Fuego & Ushuaia)
I have just been looking through our (hundreds of!) photos, and remembering what a marvellous trip we had. So thank you so much for organising everything so well for us. It was brilliant.
It is hard to pick out any particular part of the trip that was particularly good (as it all was), but perhaps the Atacama Desert was the unexpected highlight. After the recent storm it was surprisingly green, and paddling in rivers in the desert was something we had not expected! The guide, Camilo Silva, was outstanding – probably one of the best guides we have ever had – and the first wild camp was amazing.
The guides on the Torres del Paine trek were also very good, and very good fun to be with. The group we were with was friendly and supportive of each other, and we had a great time. Standing under the Torres was the ultimate aim of the trip, and the experience certainly did not disappoint us.
As far as things that could have been better are concerned, there really aren’t many! The itineraries in Tierra del Fuego were not quite as we expected, but the days were very enjoyable, so no real complaints. We did not think that we would leave without seeing penguins but we managed it! 
But overall, what a fabulous trip. Thank you again. We will certainly recommend you to our friends.
Georgina and Edward
Guest Stay: Mar 03, 2013

Peter Thor, Canada (Los Glaciares NP and Fitz Roy Hike, 5 day W Trek & Iguazu)
We would like to thank you for a very enjoyable and memorable vacation in South America.  We have shared some of our pictures with family and friends.  They were truly amazed!
Our stay in El Chaltén was magical.  Our visit to the Ecocamp was also magical.  Our guides, Hernan and Nico were perfect;  we really enjoyed our yurts;  the food was excellent;  the atmosphere was relaxed and the mountains were beautiful.  This is a very special place.
Our guide in Iguazú Falls, Edir Luiz, was outstanding.  He knew the area intimately and was very familiar with the wildlife.  He rescued our second day at Iguazú Falls by taking us to the park where Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina meet, then taking us to a game reserve/hospital for a tour, before capping off our day at the Falls with the boat tour that goes under the falls.  We cannot say enough about this outstanding individual.


Guest Stay: Feb 16, 2013

Carol Rudolph, USA (7 day W Trek)
This is to thank you for our wonderful trip to Torres del Paine from January 28-February 3, 2013.  All of our contacts and pick ups were made without a hitch and the service and hospitality at the Ecocamp itself was terrific.  I want to especially commend our guiding crew, headed by Carola, who made sure that every need of every guest was well attended to during our 5 day hike of the "W" in Torres del Paine.  Sometimes it is not easy to cover a group of 14 with differing hiking abilities but they did a marvelous job making sure that no one was neglected or ignored, and that everyone had the best possible hiking experience, as well as making sure that all trail arrangements were attended to.  In fact, my boots failed on the first day and one of our guides went back to EcoCamp (4 hours) to retrieve my trail shoes!  Nothing speaks louder than that as to the professionalism and caring nature of these guides.
We look forward to another trip with Cascada the next time we travel to Chile.
Carol and Bob Rudolph
Guest Stay: Jan 28, 2013

Mimi Jannetty, USA (5 day W trek, 3 day Kayak trip, Pucon)
I can not thank you enough for an amazing adventure!  We arrived back to the states today after an incredible trip.  Your suggested itinerary was perfect;  the hotel in Pucon was beautiful.  The trekking and the kayaking were definitely once in a lifetime trips.  My kids and my husband asked that I give you a big warm thank you from them as well.
WELL DONE!!!  Your country is beautiful......until next time,  Mimi Jannetty
Guest Stay: Dec 21, 2012