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Patagonia Premium Photo Adventure

EcoCamp Patagonia is operating an exclusive wildlife discovery program with wildlife and photography expert Diego Araya. The Patagonia Puma Tracking Photo Adventure is a one-of-a-kind nature exploration program focusing on Torres del Paine's native wildlife, distinct ecosystems and spectacular photo opportunities across the Paine massif. Diego takes you to the best hidden spots to capture sightings of rare species such as the endangered huemul and elusive puma. Nights are spent in EcoCamp Patagonia's Suite Domes. This trip is limited edition with special departures during Patagonian Spring, Summer and Autumn.
To reserve your spot on this Pure Patagonia Photo Adventure and discover Patagonia’s wildlife with celebrated professional wildlife photographer and Torres del Paine connoisseur Diego, contact our sales experts today! 

WATCH EcoCamp Patagonia's brand new puma adventure video!

Check out some of the sample species you may be seeing on your Pure Patagonia Premium Photo Adventure, including pumas, guanacos, huemules (South Andean Deer), Magellan Horned Owl, Black Chested Buzzard Eagle and Rufous Collared Sparrow: