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Top 10 Patagonia Romantic Moments EcoCamp 2012/13

Now that EcoCamp's 2012/13 season is over we're looking back at some of our best photos of the season! We brought you our Top 10 Patagonia group photos EcoCamp 2012/13 highlighting the best photos from our group contest which ran throughout the season. What did you think, any photos missing we should have featured? This week we bring you the Top 10 Patagonia Romantic Moments EcoCamp 2012/13! Patagonia itself is a mystical place with a certain romantic allure and these couples show us how to do romance in style in the wilderness!


1. EcoCamp Patagonia's first ever wedding

There was no doubt about our no.1 choice! What an incredible moment! See the collage of Michelle & Josh's wedding in January 2013 and read our interview with Michelle about her epic decision to get married in Torres del Paine!


2. Romance at Paine Grande 

EcoCamp is an ideal place not just for destintation weddings but honeymoons in the wilderness! See the photo here on facebook and read more about our Honeymoon and VIP Special Packages


3. Safari Hearts

This lovely couple enjoyed romance as Wildlife Safari explorers in November 2012. See the photo here on facebook


4. Jump (for My Love)

Jason and his girlfriend had a great time at EcoCamp in March 2013! See the photo here on facebook and read Jason's EcoCamp blog!


5. Conquering Torres del Paine

Cascada sales team member Carola travelled to EcoCamp with her husband Jaime in February for some Safari action! See the photo here on facebook


6. Grey Glacier Sparkle

Cascada/EcoCamp Copywriter Amy travelled to EcoCamp in April 2013. Check out her exciting account of the day she saw a puma on her Wildlife Safari!


7. Paine Circuit Pioneers

This couple had the trip of a lifetime on their 9 day Paine Circuit around the Paine massif in February 2013! See the photo here on facebook


8. Ain't No Mountain High Enough


Christina & Roger at the John Gardner Pass, the highest peak of the Paine Circuit, on their trek at the end of February! See the photo here on facebook


9. No other fish in the sea

This couple enjoyed a romantic moment on their Fly Fishing EcoCamp Extension with a beautiful rainbow framing the horizon. See the photo here on facebook


10. Love comes in many forms...

Blogger Sherry Otts had a blast at EcoCamp when she visited in February 2013. If your guide fixing your hiking boots isn't true love we don't know what is! See the photo here on facebook and read Sherry's blog posts Trekking in Torres del Paine with EcoCamp and the story of the boots!


Let us know what you think of our Top 10 Patagonia Romantic Moments EcoCamp 2012/13 in the comments section below! Or on facebook or twitter.