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Mammals in Torres del Paine

There are 26 species of mammal in Torres del Paine National Park. The most widely-known are the Guanaco, the Puma and the South Andean Deer. The abundant guanaco, whose population ranges between 2600 and 2900, is not camera shy and visitors have ample opportunity to observe the herds who roam across the steppe. The puma, Chile’s largest carnivore, is rarely sighted but is still very characteristic of the park and a big topic of conversation among tourists. Mostly seen at night, EcoCamp guests have occassionally been rewarded with a sighting on EcoCamp turf. The endangered South Andean deer, Huemul, is the national symbol of Chile and receives special protection within the park.
Lama guanicoe
Friendly camelid native to South America, migrates throughout the park in large groups except for the lonely males who have been ousted from the group by a dominant male during breeding season. 1.20m in height and 110-120kg in weight and spits when feeling threatened. Young (chulengos) are born 11 months after breeding season and stay with the herd for approximately one year.
Puma concolor patagonico
Also known as the cougar, panther or mountain lion, the golden-coated puma lives a solitary life and is rarely seen by tourists in the park in summer although numbers are very slowly increasing. Hunts at night, grows up to 270cm and males weigh up to 90kg while females reach 60kg.
South Andean Deer (Huemul)
Hippocamelus bisulcus
Deer living in small groups in high mountain forests, near Grey lake. Feeds mainly on herbs and scrubs and reaches 85cm tall, weighing up to 100kg. Features on Chile's national coat of arms and is an endangered specie with just 100 remaining in the park. 
Red Fox (Culpeo)
Lycalopex culpaeus
The largest fox in Chile, leads a solitary life and hunts at night. Can grow up to 120cm, including tail, and weighs up to 12kg. The male provides food for the mother and cubs.
Grey fox (Chilla)
Lycalopex griseus
Smaller than the Red Fox, measures between 80-90cm and weighs up to 4kg. Both parents look after cubs. 
Patagonian Skunk (Chingue)
Conepatus humboldtii
Solitary nocturnal animal, with extended snout and strong nails. Lives in open grassy areas and, like all other skunks, is famous for the odor it emits when feeling threatened. Measures around 60cm and weighs 2kg.
Dwarf Armadillo (Piche patagónico)
Zaedyus pichiy
Small dark brown armadillo with strong claws and thick shell, measuring just 30cm long with a 120mm tail.
Yellow-nosed Field Mouse (Laucha de nariz amarilla)
Abrothrix xanthorhinus
Long-haired grey and brown mouse with small ears. Lives in the Patagonian steppe.