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Highlights in 2014

30 EcoCamp Patagonia guests' highlights : what we loved most in 2014

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1. Feel the power of Patagonian winds on a W Trek

Strong winds at EcoCamp Patagonia!

Read the full story: The 75km/46mi of emotion, sweat and friendship we all experienced during our W trek, one of the world’s most impressive trekking routes!

2. Experience the majestic blueness of Laguna Azul

Laguna Azul

Visit Laguna Azul in Torres del Paine National Park (and enjoy a tasty barbecue) on your Patagonia Wildlife Safari.

3. Make your way from EcoCamp to French Valley

French Valley - Torres del Paine NP, Chile

The wild path to French Valley (Valle Frances) offers a unique view on "Los Cuernos" - Find your perfect EcoCamp Experience, ask us to get advice from our Travel Expert Team!

4. Feel like a Patagonian cowboy: go horse riding with gauchos!

Patagonia Horse Riding through Torres del Paine NP - Patagonia, Chile

Extend your EcoCamp stay and experience horse riding in Patagonia

5. Enjoy the amazing feeling of freedom with a bike excursion

Patagonia Biking in Torres del Paine NP - Chile

Choose between nature walks, treks and bike excursions on your Patagonia Wildlife Safari.

6. Be active: experience the Epic Multisport Adventure in Torres del Paine National Park!

Patagonia Biking Torres del Paine NP - Chile

The epic multi sport adventure includes cycling, kayaking and horse riding along the magnificent natural highlights of Torres del Paine!

7. Ride on the Grey Glacier boat (Grey II)

7-Day W Trek - Heading to Grey Glacier 6

The boat ride to Grey Glacier is one of the major unmissable highlights the Torres del Paine National Park.

8. Trek to "Base Torres" (the base of the towers)

Wildlife Safari - Heading to the Torres Lookout 8

Getting there is an adventure we are sure you will love!

9. Explore the mountain cirque of French Valley

7-Day W Trek - The magic of French Valley 2

"We could hardly believe the immensity of the mountain cirque!" EcoCamp W Trekker in French Valley

10. Ease your mind and your body on a Patagonia Yoga class

EcoCamp Yoga Dome

Ecocamp is an ideal retreat to practice yoga and connect with the magnificent Patagonian landscapes. You can book a private Yoga class!

11. Join the 7-Day W Trek Alumni Club

7-Day W Trek - Together at the Edge of Grey Lake

Congratulations on having taken part in EcoCamp's Full W trek, one of the world's most famous trekking routes.

12. Experience Torres del Paine in family

7-day W Trek - Cascada Paine

"One of the best hikes of my life" EcoCamp W Trekker

13. Undertake a Patagonia Puma Tracking...

Our guide Diego Araya in Puma tracking, Torres del Paine NP - Photos by James Kao

Join our team of guides and fauna trackers on a Patagonia Puma Tracking - Wildlife Photo Adventure

14. ...and meet Patagonia's most elusive animal!

Puma - Torres del Paine NP, Chile

Enjoy moments of intimacy with the enigmatic Andean puma (mountain lion)! Tracking the Puma: Interview with photographer James Kao

15. Witness the breathtaking Torres del Paine sunrise

Reception dome

The magic Torres del Paine sunrise behind our brand new EcoCamp reception dome, which opened in October 2014...

16. Meet travelers you did not expect

Paz Bascuñan at Ecocamp - 1

A star in Patagonia: Interview with Chilean actress Paz Bascuñan

17. Get to know the friendly EcoCamp team

Ecocamp Patagonia Guides

Meet our smiling EcoCamp Patagonia Guides and Instructor team!

18. Fancy the uniqueness of EcoCamp Patagonia cuisine

Do not miss the unique taste of the EcoCamp Patagonia Cuisine!

19. Discover EcoCamp from another perspective

2 - "Wild Hotels" : Danish TV filming at Ecocamp

Wild Hotels”, an amazing Danish documentary about Ecocamp shot in September 2014!

20. Gaze up at the star-filled sky through your dome ceiling

EcoCamp Suite Dome

A must-do after enjoying guided treks and wildlife excursions by day and sharing evening meals with new friends.

21. Get together in harmony with nature

EcoCamp Suite Dome - Torres del Paine NP, Chile

At EcoCamp Patagonia our goal is to make you feel at home: #MyTrip

22. Stay in a Suite Dome and mix comfort & sustainability

EcoCampPatagonia Suite domes have been designed for sleeping in the highest level of comfort allowed by sustainable development in a natural untarnished environment.

23. Stay in a Standard dome: the hiker's paradise!

EcoCamp Patagonia Standard Dome - Torres del Paine NP, Chile

Hikers' paradise into the wilderness of Torres del Paine: EcoCamp Patagonia Standard Domes

24: Fall asleep at the foot of the towers

EcoCamp Standard Dome - Torres del Paine NP, Chile

In harmony with nature: EcoCamp Patagonia Standard Dome - interior

25. Hang out in the EcoBar...

...and have fun in an unusual meeting place!

26. Extend your Torres del Paine adventure with a trip to Argentina

Los Glaciares National Park, Argentina

Never underestimate a Trip to Argentina Patagonia!

27 Make new friends among staff & travelers during the EcoCamp briefing

Cheers (and enjoy the classic Pisco Sour)! You have the choice between 2 activities for the next day during the daily briefing

28. Spend Christmas with the EcoCamp family

Get to know the EcoCamp family: be sure you'll miss them after you leave (they'll miss you too)!

29. Enjoy your dinner with some cool live music

At EcoCamp, anyone can be a musician, from the guides to the kitchen staff. Congratulate your favorite Eco-musicians in our Facebook page!

30: End up the year in our community domes!

Nicely end the year with a spectacular New Year's Eve in our Community Domes!

What was your EcoCamp highlight?