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EcoCamp Yoga Dome & Man Keokén (New Massage Room)

Start or end a day of adventure with stretches, poses, and landscape views in our Yoga Dome

Connect with nature through yoga at EcoCamp

EcoCamp’s Yoga Dome sits perched on the edge of the EcoCamp site overlooking the Patagonian pampas, and offers the ideal space to practice yoga with twice daily classes. With the Torres rising in the background and the landscape spread out before you, you’ll feel yourself connected to nature instantly.

Lead by EcoCamp’s very own Yoga instructor, start the day stretching and preparing your body for a day of exploring with the hour long morning class at 7:00 am, or relax and unwind with an afternoon sessions at 6:00 pm. Yoga classes will alternate between Hatha and Kundalini yoga, and are open to all EcoCamp guests, eager beginners and seasoned enthusiasts alike.

“Even if you have never done yoga before, this is a must during your stay at Eco Camp! It is a beginner class, but the atmosphere of the dome is unlike any other place you will do yoga. With the fireplace crackling, and the stunning views of the park, the yoga session was the perfect way to unwind and relax after a long day of hiking.”

ErikErik53 TripAdvisor Review, 5 Stars, April 2017

Private Classes

Private Yoga classes at EcoCamp Patagonia
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Private classes are also available at EcoCamp, at any time of day, to be decided between the instructor and the student(s). Anyone is welcome to take a private class, and the type of yoga to be practiced is at the student’s discretion.

Prices (please contact us for confirmation of prices):

Classes cost 25.000 clp (approx 50 USD) per person for an hour and a quarter.
Book your Patagonia Yoga Private Class - EcoCamp Extension HERE

Man Keokén, Our New Massage Room!

Drift away in our newest Dome beside the mountains

After a day spent exploring the park, relax your muscles with a massage in Man Keokén, our new wellness room located beside the Yoga Dome. Man Keokén was inspired by the concept of awakening light from darkness, as signified by its name in the language of Patagonia’s original people, the Aónikenk, which means  "the cave where the sun rises". Here you can enjoy three different types of massages (relaxation, deep tissue, and localized massage), each one utilizing natural oils and the expertise of our qualified masseuse to help you drift away and tune in to the energy of the Park.

Prices (please contact us for confirmation of prices):

30 minutes CLP$40,000; 50 minutes $55,000; 80 minutes $85,000

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