Patagonia Wildlife Tour

EcoCamp runs a unique Patagonian Wildlife Safari taking guests through the park’s flora and fauna highlights. Standard Domes or heated Suite Domes provide cozy accommodation each night after dinner and wine with fellow guests in EcoCamp Community Domes. Wildlife highlights include mammals such as guanacos, pumas, deer and foxes in addition to over 100 different bird species. Many plants, trees and fungi which are native to the region can be observed on the Micro Safari trail at EcoCamp Patagonia as well as throughout the park.

EcoCamp Patagonia Wildlife Safari

EcoCamp Patagonia Wildlife Safari
Trip Code: PATSD5DH

Discover the highlights of Torres del Paine with nature walks, treks & cycling trips led by local guides. Return to EcoCamp for cozy dome accommodation & delicious food with fellow travellers. I want to go on a Patagonia Wildlife Safari!

Connect with Nature
5 Days

Choose between daily nature walks, treks and bike excursions:

Pat SD - EcoCamp Patagonia Wildlife Safari - Activity Detail Chart
All activities are under 1,000 m.a.s.l
Activity Excursion Day Approx
max Altitud
Start Finish
Drive & Walk
Western Lakes,
Navigation Glacier Grey
Tues & Fri 0,8km / 0.5mi >200m / >660ft 45 mins 10am 8pm
Laguna Azul
Mon & Thurs 5km / 3mi >200m / >660ft 2 hr 10am 5pm
Cuernos viewpoint &
Fauna Trail
Wed & Sat 6km / 4mi >200m / >660ft 5 hr 10am 6pm
Lake Sarmiento and Lake Sarmiento Chico
Sunday 4 km / 3 mi >200m / >660ft 3h 10am 4pm
Drive & Walk
Western Lakes,
Hike Pingo Trail
Tues & Fri 14 km / 9mi >200m / >660ft 4 hr 10am 8pm
Trek Tower Base Mon & Thurs 22km / 14mi 914m / 3000ft 9 hr 8am 5pm
on Lake Pehoe
and Hike
French Valley
Wed & Sat 21km / 13mi >200m / >660ft 8 hr 8am 8pm
Serón Woods Sunday 7km / 4mi >200m / >660ft 5 hr 10am 4pm
Bike Cycling back from
Laguna Azul
Mon & Thurs 10km / 6mi >200m / >660ft 2.5 hr 10am 5pm
N.B. Please be aware that all Safari activites may be modified depending on third party operational availability, the climate and guides' disrection.
For more details about trek distance and walking time, click here to check out our Activity Details Chart.