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Here at EcoCamp, we firmly believe the present and future of tourism is green.

The travel industry has a significant effect on climate change and the world around us. As leaders in this industry, it is absolutely vital that we look towards long term, sustainable solutions that protect our outdoor spaces and minimize harmful CO2 emissions.

We have used smart design and unique practices to minimize our impact on the environment and inspire others in the industry to take similar actions. As a result, EcoCamp has been recognized as a trailblazer in eco-tourism both in the Patagonian region and the rest of the world. 

We provide exciting, high-quality trips for our guests, while also sticking to our sustainable standards. Check out what we have done to reach our green goals...

Use of Renewable Energy

To minimize our CO2 emissions, EcoCamp primarily uses renewable energy sources. Four micro-hydro turbines draw water from a nearby river, which is then converted into energy in our battery bank. Photovoltaic panels convert energy from the sun. In total this makes up to 95 percent of the energy used at EcoCamp, powering the refrigerators, providing electricity and lighting, powering the stereos, etc. 

To keep warm, EcoCamp Domes were specifically designed with skylight windows to preserve heat from the sun during the day. This works well -- especially considering the region gets up to 17 hours of daylight during certain points of the year. Extra heat is also provided by using pellet and wood stoves and solar panels connected with thermosifones provide hot water for the showers.

Invest in Green Projects

EcoCamp has been recognized as carbon neutral since 2007. At the end of each season, we offset all CO2 emissions from our hotel, offices, staff flights and transportation. What this means is that we calculate the total amount of CO2 produced, convert this amount into dollars and use the money to invest in green projects around the world. Recently, our donation provided solar stoves to families and individuals in India! 

For a complete eco-experience, we also encourage our passengers to offset their own CO2 travel emissions. It’s simple...

  1. Take CO2 you produced (for example, from your flight)
  2. Use a CO2 calculator to convert that amount to dollars
  3. Offset your emissions by donating to a green cause

Some great CO2 calculators and donation sites are...

Climate Care

Carbon Fund

My Climate

Low Impact Design and Infrastructure

EcoCamp was designed and built with the intention of having minimal impact on the environment. Our hotel was built on raised wooden platforms, which prevent erosion to the soil and allow animals to freely pass underneath. Also, the structures and furniture are made out of renewable materials, such as wicker or pinewood from plantations.

In addition to raised wooden platforms, we use outdoor solar lamps to brighten our pathways. This lighting is subtle and does not disturb night animals in the area. As a result, our thoughtful design brings guests closer to nature and has allowed them to witness many animal sightings close to the hotel, including the elusive puma.

Unique Sustainable Practices 

EcoCamp uses various sustainable practices. For instance, we use composting toilets and a biofiltration system to help replenish the soil. Natural gas is also used in our facilities. Additionally, biodegradable products, like soap or shampoo, are used and all trash is separated. We give organic trash to the pigs at a nearby farm and a Reserve Collection Center picks up other waste. Additionally, we have recently implemented a new organic composting system. 

To understand it all, we offer a detailed Sustainability Tour led by our onsite Sustainability Manager. This gives guests the opportunity to see EcoCamp’s detailed system firsthand and learn how to replicate and employ new eco-friendly practices in their own lives. 

Already ready to learn more about our green practices? Check out our sustainability video...



Green Certifications and Recognitions 

Our hard work and commitment to sustainability has earned us various recognitions both nationally and internationally. We are proud to say that the Environmental Management System at the EcoCamp Patagonia has been certified under ISO14.001 by a third party. Additionally, we are recognized as a TripAdvisor Green Leader and recently took home the Award for Sustainable Luxury in Latin America, among other prizes. 

Green Ethos

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