EcoCamp has gained an award-winning reputation for its eco-friendly policies, innovative use of green technology and leadership in environmentally responsible travel.

Green Ethos

Utilizing eco-friendly practices and the innovative use of green technology.

Our low impact design and implementation of green practices highlight our commitment to a more sustainable present and future in tourism. We aim to raise awareness and educate travelers on ways to care for the environment, in hopes of protecting Patagonia and the world’s beautiful outdoor treasures.

Green Ethos EcoCamp

Social Commitment

Creating inclusive opportunities and integrating the local community.

Collaborating with the local community and bringing new people together, generates wealth, encourages development and provides new possibilities. We strongly stick to our social goals in order to create a flourishing environment for all.

Patagonia Social Commitment Local Providers

Cultural Preservation

Educating travelers about Patagonia’s rich history and unique cultures.

We recognize the importance of preserving Patagonia’s indigenous roots and distinct cultures. Learn how nomadic tribes and Chilean cowboys have made an impact on the region.

Cultural Preservation Patagonia

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