Yoga Dome

Start or end a day of adventure with stretches, poses and landscape views in our yoga dome.

EcoCamp’s Yoga Dome sits perched on the edge of the EcoCamp site, overlooking the Patagonian pampas. It is the ideal space to practice yoga with daily classes twice a day. With the Paine Towers rising in the background and the landscape spread out before you, you’ll feel connected to nature instantly.

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Man Keoken

Drift away in our massage room, situated beside the mountains.

Man Keokén was inspired by the concept of awakening light from darkness, as signified by its name in the language of Patagonia’s original people, the Aónikenk. It means "the cave where the sun rises." This concept of the awakening of light from darkness inspired this new space, where you can enjoy three different types of massages (relaxation, tissue and muscle, and localized) with the use of natural oils like coconut and hot stones. 

Prices available upon request. 

Man Keoken

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