• Fill_1 10m2/108ft2
  • 14-layers NO Heating
  • 2-layers Shared bathroom
    Composting toilet
  • 5-layers Safe box
  • Fill_159 NO Electricity
  • no-wifi NO Wi-Fi

The World’s First Geodesic Dome Hotel Rooms

A pioneer in sustainable lodging, the 10m²/108ft² Standard Dome revolutionized hospitality as the world's first geodesic hotel room. This innovative design quickly became the gold standard for dome hotels in Europe, Argentina, and beyond. The Standard dome was the first dome we made in EcoCamp and is also the smallest. 

Nestled amid the hilltop splendor of EcoCamp, these charming Standard Domes peek out from the lush foliage, inviting guests into a cozy, intimate space. Inside, you'll find a snug haven with a large, warm bed. One of the standout features of the Standard Dome is its skylight, offering a breathtaking view of the stars as you drift off to sleep.

Although unheated, the Standard Dome remains warm and inviting, thanks to its fleece blankets, making it the perfect retreat after a day of trekking adventures. These domes do not provide any electricity, but phones and cameras can be charged in our community domes. 

At EcoCamp, we say, "We don't have Wi-Fi, but you'll find a better connection." We choose not to offer Wi-Fi to guests because it allows travelers to better appreciate their surroundings and connect with fellow travelers. Furthermore, there is no phone signal in the area, which provides the perfect mental detox from the outside world.

Torres del paine standar Dome

Inside the dome


“I thought the standard dome was very cosy, beds comfy and the showers in the bathroom block were hot & fully adjustable (in fact, better than many hotels I’ve been in). The domes hold their heat until late at night, so it was fine without heating. There are beautiful hand-knitted blankets you can use as an extra layer.”

-Our Domes-

Ecocamp Suite Dome Twin

Suite Dome

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Ecocamp superior dome

Superior Dome

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