Through thoughtful strategies and smart collaboration, EcoCamp has managed to provide a wide range of new, innovative opportunities. We aim to benefit and involve the local community, as well as provide unique travel options for all.  This is what we’ve done so far:

Buy Local Products

Food made at EcoCamp comes from local ingredients and flavors. We source our eggs, meat, produce and grains from local farmers and suppliers, which benefits the community and offers fresher and richer flavors. 

In addition to the food served, handicrafts and decorations are purchased from local handicraft markets which show off the talent and style of the Patagonian region. We even started our own brand called Man-Kai, which unites local artisans and sells their crafts at the EcoCamp store. Additionally, we sell products from various start-ups and donate some of the profit to important causes, such as the Refugio Animal Cascada. 

Whenever possible, all exchanges made are made directly with the local merchant. We also ensure a fair price is paid for all goods. 

Hire Regional Staff and Provide Fair Opportunities

EcoCamp provides local workers with fair employment opportunities and excellent benefits. 

We make sure our staff are comfortable, healthy and happy during their time at EcoCamp. In addition to competitive salaries, employees receive tasty food, comfortable sleeping quarters and regularly scheduled days off. Contracts are indefinite and comply with legal requirements for medical care and pension funds. We also provide in-house training throughout the season, helping employees excel in their positions and career goals. 

In addition to the staff working at EcoCamp, we also have offices in Puerto Natales and Santiago for employees that work with our parent company and local tour operator Cascada Expediciones. They work hard each day to ensure everything runs smoothly, attending to needs in sales, marketing, traffic, operations, accounting and more. EcoCamp provides each staff member with education and knowledge about our sustainability goals. They then encourage guests, suppliers and shareholders to think and act alike.

Work With Like-minded Organizations 

EcoCamp has proudly partnered with local organizations and initiatives to help achieve our environmental, social and cultural goals. In the past, we have worked with the Torres del Paine Legacy Fund, in order to enhance the experience and long-term health of Torres del Paine.

In addition, we have participated in a reforestation program with AMA Torres del Paine and have helped clean the park with Fiesta de la Limpieza. We also have sponsored Tu Mejor Huella, an initiative to help rebuild the Base Torres trail in Torres del Paine and worked with both Fundación Esperanza and local schools to provide educational opportunities to children in the region.  

Provide Inclusive Travel Options

We believe everyone deserves the chance to go on an adventure! That is why we aim to provide inclusive travel opportunities at EcoCamp. To achieve this goal, we have partnered with Wheel the World, an organization that helps provide inclusive opportunities to travelers with a disability. We have the Joëlette, a special hiking wheelchair, at EcoCamp and it is available for anyone who needs it. With this chair, we helped the first person with a disability hike the W! 

We also provide sensory experiences for those who are blind and family-friendly opportunities for those with children over six. Additionally, our chef is accommodating to those with special dietary requirements, making it easy for those who are vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free or dairy-free to travel. 

Check out our award-winning video about inclusive travel.

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