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Standard Domes (10m²/108ft²)

The 10m²/108ft² Standard Dome was the world’s first geodesic hotel room, and soon became the staple design model for other dome hotels that arrived years later in Europe, Argentina and other locations in Chile. Domes are resistant to the fierce Patagonian wind and have ceiling windows to look up at the stars as you fall asleep. Without heating but cozy and snug with fleece blankets, Standard Domes are the perfect home to return to after a day's trek and a dinner shared with group and guide. 

...I had an excellent time at Ecocamp. I stayed in one of the standard domes and was surprised at how warm and comfortable they are. The ablution facilities are more than adequate and convenient... Thank you for the holiday of a lifetime and memories to take with me for years to come!

Esté G, Newcastle, South Africa, in Tripadvisor Review: “Torres Del Paine adventure!”; Reviewed October 17, 2016.

Solo Traveler - Shared Dome
One of the great benefits of a Standard Dome accommodation at EcoCamp Patagonia is that it can be booked on a sharing basis. If you are a solo traveller you can share a dome with another traveller of the same gender (you will never be made to share with someone of the opposite gender). Your can take advantage of all tour price based on Standard Dome double occupancy, but you can also ask for single supplements, if you prefer to take your dome solo.
Shared bathrooms
Guests staying in Standard Domes use a shared bathroom, for several environmental reasons – minimising constructed areas, controlling water and heating consumption and collecting waste in a central heated composting chamber.
Standard domes have shared bathrooms which are large, comfortable and gender divided. Both male and female bathrooms have showers with ample space to dry and put on clothes, hot water, composting toilets and hand wash basins. They are decorated with Patagonian decor and receive ample sunlight during the day. Towels are provided upon arrival and guests are asked to use the same towels during their stay. 
Standard domes do not have electricity but you can charge cameras etc in Community Domes. 

Limited electricity supply is available at EcoCamp. The voltage in all suite, superior and community domes with electricity is 220V. This is sufficient for charging most cameras. However, photographers with highly professional cameras may need to bring their own equipment, such as an adaptor. We therefore ask these photographers to contact us in advance to inform us of the type of camera they will bring and the voltage necessary for charging it.

Although there is no electricity available in the Standard Domes, there is LED lighting throughout EcoCamp for ease of movement at night. Thus, there should be no problem in getting to and from the shared toilets and the dining room after nightfall. If necessary, handheld flashlights can be lent out to guests on request.

In case of severe storm, electricity supply may be temporarily affected. We have a generator on site to ensure that our guests have access to electricity if normal supply is cut.

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